Commit e0e0fd46 authored by Michal Nowikowski's avatar Michal Nowikowski

hammer: fixed ccache for alpine

parent 3d5980d4
......@@ -1355,6 +1355,9 @@ def prepare_system_local(features, check_times):
if 'native-pkg' in features:
if 'ccache' in features:
install_pkgs(packages, env=env, timeout=6 * 60, check_times=check_times)
# log4cplus needs to be taken from extra repository, edge testing
......@@ -1406,6 +1409,9 @@ def _prepare_ccache_if_needed(system, ccache_dir, env):
ccache_bin_path = '/usr/lib64/ccache'
env['CC'] = 'ccache gcc'
env['CXX'] = 'ccache g++'
elif system == 'alpine':
# TODO: it doesn't work yet, new abuild is needed and add 'USE_CCACHE=1' to /etc/abuild.conf
ccache_bin_path = '/usr/lib/ccache/bin'
env['PATH'] = ccache_bin_path + ':' + env['PATH']
env['CCACHE_DIR'] = ccache_dir
return env
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