Commit ef811c6e authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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Add entry for my doc changes and add entry for today's snapshot release.

My changelog entry is quite vague. Also these docs haven't been completely
reviewed. I will have those reviewed soon.
parent c14c4741
bind10-devel-20110120 released on January 20, 2011
155. [doc] jreed
Miscellaneous documentation improvements for man pages and
the guide, including auth, resolver, stats, xfrout, and
zonemgr. (git c14c4741b754a1eb226d3bdc3a7abbc4c5d727c0)
154. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrin/b10-zonemgr: Fixed a bug where these programs didn't
receive command responses from CC sessions. Eventually the
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