Commit f7bf83ac authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[master] Added ChangeLog entry 1542.

parent 7e81d7be
1542. [test] tmark
MySQL and CQL unit tests will now attempt to wipe the unit test
data, rather than the (re)create the schema between each test.
This reduces test execution time appreciably. The behavior
may be overridden by defining environment variable:
KEA_TEST_DB_WIPE_DATA_ONLY="false". This will cause the schema
to be recreated before each test but may dramatically increase
test execution time.
(Gitlab #526,!269, git 7e81d7bea27e919b652351880872aae68ad1b209)
1541. [bug] fdupont
Empty Relay Agent Information option is no longer sent in server
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