Commit 57aadc75 authored by Michal Nowak's avatar Michal Nowak
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Revert "Get cppcheck-htmlreport manually (BTS#949944 workaround)"

Fixed on the Debian unstable/sid side with 'cppcheck/unstable 1.90-4'.

This reverts commit 7b9c5f51.
parent 781593e7
......@@ -107,6 +107,3 @@ RUN ldconfig
RUN curl -sSL$KYUA_VERSION/kyua-$KYUA_VERSION.tar.gz | tar -xz -C /usr/src
RUN cd /usr/src/kyua-$KYUA_VERSION && autoreconf -fi && ./configure --prefix /usr && make && make install
RUN ldconfig
# Drop when is fixed.
# This is cppcheck-htmlreport from 1.90.
RUN if ! command -v cppcheck-htmlreport; then curl -s -o /usr/bin/cppcheck-htmlreport; chmod +x /usr/bin/cppcheck-htmlreport; apt install -y python-pygments; fi
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