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    Merge the mlg-20000518 branch onto the mainline. Change summary: · 46993e1d
    Michael Graff authored
    	dns_dispatch_create() no longer exists.  dns_dispatch_createtcp()
    	and dns_dispatch_getudp() are the replacements.  _createtcp() takes
    	a bound, connected TCP socket, while _getudp() will search for
    	a sharable UDP socket, and if found, attach to it and return a
    	pointer to it.  If one is not found, it will create a udp socket,
    	bind it to a supplied local address, and create a new dispatcher
    	around it.
    	dns_dispatch_remove{request,response}() no longer take the dispatch
    	as an argument.
    	query-source can now be set per view.
    	The dispatch manager holds onto three memory pools, one for
    	allocating dispatchers from, one for events, and one for
    	requests/replies.  The free list on these pools is hard-coded,
    	but set to 1024.  This keeps us from having to dig into the
    	isc_mem_t the pools draw from as often.
    	dns_resolver_create() and dns_view_createresolver() require that
    	valid dispatchers be passed in; dispatchers are no longer created
    	for the caller.