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    • David Lawrence's avatar
      Megacommit of many files. · 87cafc5e
      David Lawrence authored
      Mostly, several functions that take pointers as arguments, almost
      always char * pointers, had those pointers qualified with "const".
      Those that returned pointers to previously const-qualified arguments
      had their return values qualified as const.  Some structure members
      were qualified as const to retain that attribute from the variables
      from which they were assigned.
      The macro DE_CONST was added to isc/util.h to deal with a handful of very
      special places where something is qualified as const but really needs to have
      its const qualifier removed.
      Also cleaned up a few places where variable names clashed with reserved
      identifiers.  (Which mostly works fine, but strictly speaking is undefined
      by the standard.)
      Minor other ISC style cleanups.
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  20. 31 May, 2000 1 commit
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  24. 19 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Michael Graff's avatar
      Merge the mlg-20000518 branch onto the mainline. Change summary: · 46993e1d
      Michael Graff authored
      	dns_dispatch_create() no longer exists.  dns_dispatch_createtcp()
      	and dns_dispatch_getudp() are the replacements.  _createtcp() takes
      	a bound, connected TCP socket, while _getudp() will search for
      	a sharable UDP socket, and if found, attach to it and return a
      	pointer to it.  If one is not found, it will create a udp socket,
      	bind it to a supplied local address, and create a new dispatcher
      	around it.
      	dns_dispatch_remove{request,response}() no longer take the dispatch
      	as an argument.
      	query-source can now be set per view.
      	The dispatch manager holds onto three memory pools, one for
      	allocating dispatchers from, one for events, and one for
      	requests/replies.  The free list on these pools is hard-coded,
      	but set to 1024.  This keeps us from having to dig into the
      	isc_mem_t the pools draw from as often.
      	dns_resolver_create() and dns_view_createresolver() require that
      	valid dispatchers be passed in; dispatchers are no longer created
      	for the caller.
  25. 14 May, 2000 2 commits
    • David Lawrence's avatar
      line 356: remark(1174): parameter "msg" was declared but never referenced · 02b152eb
      David Lawrence authored
      line 356: remark(1174): parameter "dev" was declared but never referenced
      This is true when ISC_NET_BSD44MSGHDR is not defined.  UNUSED()s were added.
      line 1580: remark(1552): variable "task" was set but never used
      line 1670: remark(1552): variable "task" was set but never used
      I removed the stack variable and its assignment in each case.
      line 2915: remark(1552): variable "ret" was set but never used
      It was apparent that the variable was meant to be the return value
      of isc_socket_getsockname, so the return statement was changed to use it.
      Also ...
      Changed function declarations to ISC coding style.
      Wrapped two lines that were wider than column 79.
      Removed two UNUSED() macros for variables that were no longer unused.
    • Andreas Gustafsson's avatar
      use isc_sockaddr_format() instead of a static function doing · bbf66738
      Andreas Gustafsson authored
      the same thing