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780.	[func]		marcin
	libkea-cc: JSON parser stores information about the position
	of the data element values in the JSON string. The position
	comprises the line number and the offset within this line where
	the specific value resides. This functionality is intended to
	be used for error logging during configuration parsing.
	(Trac #3408, git 115a52a6713340fc589f6f95d73d242931239405)

9 10 11 12 13
779.	[doc]		tmark
	Added a section to the developer's guide for Kea's DHCP-DDNS
	component, D2.
	(Trac #3158,    git  7be263c7372b1401a8b4288742854f96b5bec0d6)

14 15
bind10-1.2.0rc1 released on April 8, 2014

778.	[func]*		marcin
17 18 19 20 21 22
	libdhcpsrv: the Memfile lease storage backend now writes
	leases into a CSV file. Configuration parsers for b10-dhcp4
	and b10-dhcp6 use the new configuration parameters to
	control the location of the lease file. It is possible to
	disable lease writes to disk using configuration for testing
23 24
	(Trac #3360, git 09e6e71abf8bc693e389ebd262fd149b43c1f1d4)

777.	[func]		tmark
	If b10-dhcp-ddns is configured to listen on an address other than
	loopback, it will issue a log message warning the user that this is
	insecure and is supported for testing purposes only.
29 30
	(Trac #3383,    git  652aa4de2fa82fdf3de569d01d9f4aa618fc1972)

776.	[func]		tomek
	b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now support using PostgreSQL as the backend
33 34
	for storing lease data.  This backend is enabled by specifying
	--with-dhcp-pgsql on the "configure" command line. Without this
	switch the PostgreSQL backend is not compiled leaving BIND 10 able to
	be built on systems without PostgreSQL installed.  Thanks to David
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
	Carlier who contributed the initial patches for this work.
38 39
	(Trac #3080,    git  1aae8b1fab3008e62c4f085948b1abadad512447)

775.	[func]		marcin
41 42 43
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: added a new parameter to subnet configuration.
	This parameter allows subnet ids to be set to arbitrary values or
	automatically generated values. Generated subnet ids are renumbered
	each time one or more subnets are removed.  Setting the ids to
	specific values prevents this renumbering.
	(Trac #3281, git d90e9a0642fbb16a4e664160b4812f61fb81f1aa)

774.	[doc]		marcin
49 50 51 52
	Updated information in the BIND 10 Guide about the standards supported
	by Kea and its current limitations.
	(Trac #3258, git ff52b86206e3a256a02ca6d5cde55040550ba86a)

773.	[doc]		tmark
54 55 56 57 58 59
	Added sections to the BIND 10 guide on configuring and using the
	DHCP-DDNS feature of Kea.  Chapter 19, describes the new DHCP-DDNS
	server and its configuration. Additions to chapters 17 and 18
	describe configuring the DHCP servers to work with the new server.
	(Trac #3283, git 806eea955c61eba2d7268958a740a8e8ea63bdaf)

772.	[bug]		tmark
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68
	b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 now both correctly support DDNS updates
	when honoring client requested delegation. When DDNS is enabled,
	and the client's FQDN indicates they will do the forward updates,
	the servers will now post a DDNS update request to b10-dhcp-ddns
	for the reverse updates. Prior to this the servers were posting no
	DDNS update requests when honoring client delegation.
	(Trac #3352, git b1a0f405463723d539b2e6ed2dcdd692d7796b88)

69 70 71
771.	[bug]		tmark
	Ticket #3339 (entry 760) was reverted to fix regression
	where components added through bindctl, could not be removed.
72 73
	(Trac #3374, git c641e2d0569df3ca3e5a93beaf0ecf39db07e402)

770.	[bug]		tmark
	Configuration parsing in b10-dhcp6 and b10-dhcp4 for the "dhcp-ddns"
76 77 78 79
	section of their configurations now supplies hard-coded default values
	rather than those from their spec files.  This is a temporary solution
	to circumvent an issue in the configuration libraries which causes
	map-items to behave incorrectly.
	(Trac #3358, git 983d8acec3a7ccb1ffef662eac7518aed5f99381)

769.	[func]		marcin
83 84 85
	b10-dhcp6: Implemented support for Rebind message.
	(Trac #3232, git 3649413932857470558a6f19e0b0e181b3fc0fda)

768.	[bug]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
87 88 89 90 91
	b10-dhcp-ddns now treats a DNS server response code of
	NXRRSET as a successful outcome when processing a request
	to remove DNS data.  This corrects a defect in which
	b10-dhcp-ddns would incorrectly fail a request to remove
	DNS data when the DNS server's response was NXRRSET.
92 93
	(Trac #3362, git da3b0d4f364d069ffdb47723545798ac589fae42)

767.	[func]		tomek
95 96 97
	Unit-tests for all DHCP database backends are now shared.
	This improves test coverage for memfile and any future
	backends that may appear.
98 99
	(Trac #3359, git 3d6c11630ada9d0681a813cf026f6bb16aabb9fa)

100 101
bind10-1.2.0beta1 released on March 6, 2014

102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109
766.	[func]		muks
	--disable-dns and --disable-dhcp configure arguments have been
	added to conditionally disable the DNS or DHCP components
	respectively. This facility can be used to do a DNS or DHCP-only
	build of BIND 10. DNS and DHCP components are both enabled by
	(Trac #2367, git 81a689b61b1c4abf8a1a4fcbe41cfc96fd11792a)

765.	[bug]		tomek
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
111 112
	b10-dhcp4: Fixed a minor bug in eRouter1.0 class processing. The
	server no longer sets giaddr field.
113 114
	(Trac #3353, git 23c22e9b1141c699f361d45c309e737dfecf6f3f)

764.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
116 117
	b10-dhcp4: Fixed a bug caused client classification to not work
118 119
	(Trac #3343, git 1801400ac874380e7a565d373b4bae96a49e21f7)

120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128
763.	[func]		tmark
	b10-dhcp-ddns may now be configured to disable DNS updates in
	in a given direction by simply not defining any domains for that
	direction in its configuration.  This allows it to be configured to
	support either forward DNS or reverse DNS only.  Prior to this if
	a request was received that could not be matched to servers in a
	given direction it was failed immediately.
	(Trac #3341, git 01f26bce1d9faaddb8be59802f73891ea065b200)

129 130 131 132 133
762.	[func]		tmark
	If configured to do so, b10-dhcp6 will now create DHCP-DDNS update
	requests and send them to b10-dhcp-ddns for processing.
	(Trac# 3329, git 239956696465a13196a2b6bc0f3a61aed21a5de8)

Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
134 135 136 137
761.	[doc]		stephen, jreed
	Added "man" page for perfdhcp.
	(Trac #2307, git ff2f538912c205fbdb1408ee613c09b90de53514)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
138 139 140 141 142 143
760.	[bug]		tmark
	When merging a map of configuration elements into another, elements
	that are themselves maps will be merged. In particular, this
	corrects a defect which caused a configuration commit error to
	occur when using bindctl to modify a single a parameter in
	dhcp-ddns portion of b10-dhcp4 configuration.
144 145
	(Trac# 3339, git 3ae0d93d89f3277a566eeb045191a43b2dd9d9b1)

759.	[func]		tomek
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
147 148 149 150 151
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: IP address of the relay agent can now be
	specified for both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. That information allows
	the server to properly handle a case where relay agent address
	does not match subnet.  This is mostly useful in shared subnets
	and cable networks.
152 153
	(Trac #3322, git 5de565baea42c9096dff78ed5fbd05982a174469)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
154 155 156 157 158
758.	[bug]		tmark
	b10-dhcp4 now correctly handles DHO_HOST_OPTION.  This corrects
	a bug where the server would fail to recognize the option in the
	DHCP request and then skip generating the appropriate DHCP-DDNS
	update request.
159 160
	(Trac #2426, git 985d66cba7665a71e17ef70c5d22c767abaad1b6)

757.	[func]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
162 163 164 165 166 167 168
	b10-dhcp6 now parses parameters which support DHCP-DDNS updates
	via the DHCP-DDNS module, b10-dhcp-ddns.  These parameters are
	part of new configuration element, dhcp-ddns, defined in
	dhcp4.spec. These parameters influence when and how DDNS updates
	requests are created but communicating them to b10-dhcp-ddns is
	not yet supported.  That will be provided under separate ticket,
	Trac #3222.
169 170
	(Trac# 3034, git 22c667a66536ff3e3741bc67025d824644ed4e7d)

171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180
756.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp6: server parses DHCPv6 Vendor Class option. Previously
	the server failed to parse Vendor Class option having empty opaque
	data field because of the invalid definition in libdhcp++. The
	DHCPv6 Vendor Class option and DHCPv4 V-I Vendor Class option is
	now represented by the new OptionVendorClass. The b10-dhcp4 is
	affected by this change such that it uses new class to parse the
	DHCPv4 V-I Vendor Class option.
	(Trac #3316, git 1e61d7db5b8dc76682aa568cd62bfae0eeff46e3)

181 182 183 184
755.	[func]		muks
	Add support for the CAA RR type (RFC 6844).
	(Trac #2512, git 39162608985e5c904448f308951c73bb9c32da8f)

185 186 187 188
754.	[func]		muks
	Add support for the TLSA RR type (RFC 6698).
	(Trac #2185, git a168170430f6927f28597b2a6debebe31cf39b13)

189 190 191 192 193
753.	[func]		muks
	libdns++: the unknown/generic (RFC 3597) RDATA class now uses the
	generic lexer in constructors from text.
	(Trac #2426, git 0770d2df84e5608371db3a47e0456eb2a340b5f4)

194 195 196 197 198
752.	[func]		tmark
	If configured to do so, b10-dhcp4 will now create DHCP-DDNS update
	requests and send them to b10-dhcp-ddns for processing.
	(Trac# 3329, git 4546dd186782eec5cfcb4ddb61b0a3aa5c700751)

199 200 201 202 203
751.	[func]		muks
	The BIND 10 zone loader now supports the $GENERATE directive (a
	BIND 9 extension).
	(Trac #2430, git b05064f681231fe7f8571253c5786f4ff0f2ca03)

750.	[func]		tomek
205 206 207 208
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Simple client classification has been
	implemented. Incoming packets can be assigned to zero or more
	client classes. It is possible to restrict subnet usage to a given
	client class. User's Guide and Developer's Guide has been updated.
209 210
	(Trac #3274, git 1791d19899b92a6ee411199f664bdfc690ec08b2)

749.	[bug]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
212 213 214 215
	b10-dhcp-ddns now sets the TTL value in RRs that add A, AAAA, or
	PTR DNS entries to the lease length provided in instigating
	NameChangeRequest.  This corrected a bug in which the TTL was
	always set to 0.
216 217
	(Trac# 3299, git dbacf27ece77f3d857da793341c6bd31ef1ea239)

218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226
748.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4 server picks a subnet, to assign address for a directly
	connected client, using IP address of the interface on which the
	client's message has been received. If the message is received on
	the interface for which there is no suitable subnet, the message
	is discarded. Also, the subnet for renewing client which unicasts
	its request, is selected using ciaddr.
	(Trac #3242, git 9e571cc217d6b1a2fd6fdae1565fcc6fde6d08b1)

227 228 229 230 231 232 233
747.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcpsrv: server configuration mechanism allows creating definitions
	for standard options for which Kea doesn't provide a definition yet.
	Without this, the server administrator couldn't configure options for
	which a definition didn't exist.
	(Trac# 3309, git 16a6ed6e48a6a950670c4874a2e81b1faf287d99)

234 235 236 237 238
746.	[func]		tomek
	IOAddress no longer exposes underlying asio objects. The getAddress()
	method has been removed and replaced with several convenience methods.
	(Trac #1485, git ecdb62db16b3f3d447db4a9d2a4079d5260431f0)

745.	[bug]*		muks
240 241 242 243 244 245
	b10-auth now returns rcode=REFUSED for all questions with
	qtype=RRSIG (i.e., where RRSIGs are queried directly). This is
	because RRSIGs are meaningless without being bundled alongside the
	RRs they cover.
	(Trac #2226, git 68d24e65c9c3dfee38adfbe1c93367b0083f9a58)

744.	[func]		marcin
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
247 248 249 250 251 252
	b10-dhcp6: Refactored the code which is processing Client FQDN
	option.  The major user-visible change is that server generates
	DDNS NameChangeRequest for the first IPv6 address (instead of all)
	acquired by a client. Also, the server generates fully qualified
	domain name from acquired IPv6 address, if the client sends an
	empty name in Client FQDN option.
253 254
	(Trac# 3295, git aa1c94a54114e848c64771fde308fc9ac0c00fd0)

743.	[func]		tmark
	b10-dhcp4 now responds with changes in DDNS behavior based upon
	configuration parameters specified through its dhcp-ddns configuration
258 259
	element. The parameters now supported are override-no-update,
	override-client-update, replace-client-name, generated-prefix, and
260 261 262
	(Trac# 3282, git 42b1f1e4c4f5aa48b7588233402876f5012c043c)

263 264 265 266 267 268
742.	[func]		muks
	The authoritative server now includes the datasource configuration
	when logging some errors with the
	(Trac #2756, git 31872754f36c840b4ec0b412a86afe9f38be86e0)

269 270
741.	[bug]		shane
	Remove hard-coded (and unnecessary) TSIG key from error message.
Shane Kerr's avatar
Shane Kerr committed
271 272 273
	This also prevents a crash if the TSIG name is missing.
	(Trac #3099, git 0ba8bbabe09756a4627e80aacdbb5050407faaac)

274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281
740.	[func]		muks
	When displaying messages about mismatched configuration data types
	in entered values (between the supplied value type and expected
	schema type), bindctl now includes both the supplied and expected
	configuration data types in the returned error. The user has more
	information on what caused the error now.
	(Trac #3239, git 84d5eda2a6ae0d737aef68d56023fc33fef623e6)

282 283 284 285 286 287 288
739.	[bug]		muks
	Various minor updates were made to the SSHFP RDATA parser. Mainly,
	the SSHFP constructor no longer throws an isc::BadValue exception.
	generic::SSHFP::getFingerprintLen() was also renamed to
	(Trac #3287, git 2f26d781704618c6007ba896ad3d9e0c107d04b0)

289 290 291 292 293
738.	[bug]		muks
	b10-auth now correctly processes NXDOMAIN results in the root zone
	when using a SQLite3 data source.
	(Trac #2951, git 13685cc4580660eaf5b041b683a2d2f31fd24de3)

294 295 296 297 298
737.	[func]		muks
	b10-auth now additionally logs the source address and port when
	DNS messages with unsupported opcodes are received.
	(Trac #1516, git 71611831f6d1aaaea09143d4837eddbd1d67fbf4)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
736.	[bug]		wlodek
300 301
	b10-dhcp6 is now capable to determine if a received
	message is addressed to it, using server identifier option.
Wlodzimierz Wencel's avatar
Wlodzimierz Wencel committed
302 303 304
	The messages with non-matching server identifier are dropped.
	(Trac #2892, git 3bd69e9b4ab9be231f7c966fd62b95a4e1595901)

305 306
735.	[doc]		stephen
	Expanded Developer's Guide to include chapter on logging.
Wlodzimierz Wencel's avatar
Wlodzimierz Wencel committed
	(Trac #2566, git a08d702839d9df6cddefeccab1e7e657377145de)

309 310 311 312 313 314
734.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcp++: fixed a bug which caused an error when setting boolean
	values for an option. Also, bind10-guide has been updated with the
	examples how to set the boolean values for an option.
	(Trac# 3292, git 7c4c0514ede3cffc52d8c2874cdbdb74ced5f4ac)

315 316 317 318 319 320
733.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcp++: a function which opens IPv6/UDPv6 sockets for the
	DHCPv6 server, gracefully handles errors to bind socket to
	a multicast address.
	(Trac #3288, git 76ace0c46a5fe0e53a29dad093b817ad6c891f1b)

321 322
732.	[func]		tomek
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Support for simplified client classification
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
323 324 325 326 327 328 329
	added. Incoming packets are now assigned to a client class based
	on the content of the packet's user class option (DHCPv4) or vendor
	class option (DHCPv6). Two classes (docsis3.0 and eRouter1.0) have
	class specific behavior in b10-dhcp4. See DHCPv4 Client
	Classification and DHCPv6 Client Classification in BIND10
	Developer's Guide for details.  This is a first ticket in a series
	of planned at least three tickets.
330 331
	(Trac #3203, git afea612c23143f81a4201e39ba793bc837c5c9f1)

731.	[func]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
333 334 335 336 337
	b10-dhcp4 now parses parameters which support DHCP-DDNS updates
	via the DHCP-DDNS module, b10-dhcp-ddns.  These parameters are
	part of new configuration element, dhcp-ddns, defined in
	dhcp4.spec.  The parameters parse, store and retrieve but do not
	yet govern behavior.  That will be provided under separate ticket.
338 339
	(Trac# 3033, git 0ba859834503f2b9b908cd7bc572e0286ca9201f)

730.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Both servers used to unnecessarily increase
342 343
	subnet-id values after reconfiguration. The subnet-ids are now reset
	to 1 every time a server is reconfigured.
344 345
	(Trac #3234, git 31e416087685a6dadc3047fdbb0927bbf60095aa)

346 347 348 349 350
729.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4 discards DHCPv4 messages carrying server identifiers
	which don't match server identifiers used by the server.
	(Trac #3279, git 805d2b269c6bf3e7be68c13f1da1709d8150a666)

351 352 353 354 355 356 357
728.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp6: If server fails to open a socket on one interface it
	will log a warning and continue to open sockets on other interfaces.
	The warning message is communicated from the libdhcp++ via the
	error handler function supplied by the DHCPv6 server.
	(Trac #3252, git af5eada1bba906697ee92df3fcc25cc0e3979221)

358 359 360 361
727.	[func]		muks
	RRset::setName() has now been removed.
	(Trac #2335, git c918027a387da8514acf7e125fd52c8378113662)

726.	[bug]*		muks
363 364 365 366 367 368
	Don't print trailing newlines in Question::toText() output by
	default.  This fixes some logging that were split with a line
	feed.  It is possible to get the old behavior by passing
	toText(true).  Message::toText() output is unchanged.
	(Trac #571, git 7286499d5206c6d2aa8a59a5247c3841a772a43e)

369 370 371
725.	[func]		tmark
	b10-dhcp-ddns D2UpdateMgr now uses the newly implemented
	NameAddTransaction and NameRemoveTransaction classes.  This allows
	it to conduct actual DNS update exchanges based upon queued
373 374 375
	(Trac# 3089, git 9ff948a169e1c1f3ad9e1bad1568375590a3ef42)

376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383
724.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4: Different server identifiers are used for the packets
	being sent through different interfaces. The server uses IPv4 address
	assigned to the particular interface as a server identifier. This
	guarantees that the unicast packet sent by a relay or a client, to
	the address being a server identifier, will reach the server.
	(Trac #3231, git c7a229f15089670d2bfde6e9f0530c30ce6f8cf8)

723.	[bug]		marcin
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
385 386 387 388 389 390 391
	libdhcp++: Implemented unit tests for the IfaceMgr's routine
	which opens IPv6 sockets on detected interfaces. The IfaceMgr
	logic performing low level operations on sockets has been
	moved to a separate class. By providing a custom implementation
	of this class, the unit tests may use fake interfaces with
	custom configuration and thus cover wide range of test
	scenarios for the function.
392 393
	(Trac #3251, git 21d2f7ec425f8461b545687104cd76a42da61b2e)

394 395 396 397 398
722.	[bug]		muks
	b10-cmdctl now prints a more operator-friendly message when the
	address+port that b10-cmdctl listens on is already in use.
	(Trac #3227, git 5ec35e37dbb46f66ff0f6a9d9a6a87a393b37934)

399 400 401 402 403
721.	[func]		tmark
	Updates the user_chk example hooks shared library with callouts
	for packet receive and packet send.  Decision outcome now includes
	the lease or prefix assigned.  The user registry now supports a
	default user entry.
404 405
	(Trac #3207, git 34fddf2e75b80d9e517a8f9c3321aa4878cda795)

406 407
720.	[func]		tmark
	Added the initial implementation of the class, NameAddTransaction,
408 409 410 411
	to b10-dhcp-ddns.  This class provides a state machine which
	implements the logic required to remove forward and reverse DNS
	entries as described in RFC 4703, section 5.5. This includes the
	ability to construct the necessary DNS requests.
	(Trac# 3088, git ca58ac00fce4cb5f46e534d7ffadb2db4e4ffaf3)

719.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	b10-dhcp4: Support for sending back client-id (RFC6842) has been
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
416 417 418
	added now. Also a configuration parameter (echo-client-id) has
	been added, so it is possible to enable backward compatibility
	("echo-client-id false").
419 420 421
	(Trac #3210, git 88a4858db206dfcd53a227562198f308f7779a72)

718.	[func]		dclink, tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
422 423 424
	libdhcp++: Interface detection implemented for FreeBSD, NetBSD,
	OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Solaris 11. Thanks to David Carlier for
	contributing a patch.
	(Trac #2246, git d8045b5e1580a1d0b89a232fd61c10d25a95e769)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

427 428 429 430 431
717.	[bug]		marcin
	Fixed the bug which incorrectly treated DHCPv4 option codes 224-254 as
	standard options, barring them from being used as custom options.
	(Trac #2772, git c6158690c389d75686545459618ae0bf16f2cdb8)

716.	[func]		marcin
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
433 434 435 436 437
	perfdhcp: added support for sending DHCPv6 Release messages
	at the specified rate and measure performance. The orphan
	messages counters are not displayed for individual exchanges
	anymore. The following ticket: #3261 has been submitted to
	implement global orphan counting for all exchange types.
438 439
	(Trac #3181, git 684524bc130080e4fa31b65edfd14d58eec37e50)

440 441 442 443 444 445
715.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcp++: Used the CMSG_SPACE instead of CMSG_LEN macro to calculate
	msg_controllen field of the DHCPv6 message. Use of CMSG_LEN causes
	sendmsg failures on OpenBSD due to the bug kernel/6080 on OpenBSD.
	(Trac #1824, git 39c9499d001a98c8d2f5792563c28a5eb2cc5fcb)

714.	[doc]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	BIND10 Contributor's Guide added.
448 449
	(Trac #3109, git 016bfae00460b4f88adbfd07ed26759eb294ef10)

713.	[func]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
451 452 453 454
	Added DNS update request construction to d2::NameAddTransaction
	in b10-dhcp-ddns.  The class now generates all DNS update
	request variations needed to fulfill it's state machine in
	compliance with RFC 4703, sections 5.3 and 5.4.
	(Trac# 3241, git dceca9554cb9410dd8d12371b68198b797cb6cfb)

712.	[func]		marcin, dclink
458 459 460 461 462 463 464
	b10-dhcp4: If server fails to open a socket on one interface it
	will log a warning and continue to open sockets on other interfaces.
	The warning message is communicated from the libdhcp++ via the
	error handler function supplied by the DHCPv4 server. Thanks to
	David Carlier for providing a patch.
	(Trac #2765, git f49c4b8942cdbafb85414a1925ff6ca1d381f498)

711.	[func]		tmark
466 467 468 469 470 471
	Added the initial implementation of the class, NameAddTransaction,
	to b10-dhcp-ddns.  This class provides the state model logic
	described in the DHCP_DDNS design to add or replace forward and
	reverse DNS entries for a given FQDN.  It does not yet construct
	the actual DNS update requests, this will be added under Trac#
	(Trac# 3087, git 8f99da735a9f39d514c40d0a295f751dc8edfbcd)

710.	[build]		jinmei
475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490
	Fixed various build time issues for MacOS X 10.9.  Those include
	some general fixes and improvements:
	- (libdns++) masterLoad() functions now use the generic MasterLoader
	  class as backend, eliminating the restrictions of the previous
	- (libcc) fixed a minor portability bug in the JSON parser.  Although
	  the only known affected system is OS X 10.9 at the moment, that
	  could potentially cause disruption on other existing and future
	Other notes:
	- if built with googletest, gtest 1.7 (and possibly higher) is
	- many older versions of Boost don't work.  A known workable version
	  is 1.54.
	(Trac #3213, git d4e570f097fe0eb9009b177a4af285cde0c636cc)

491 492 493 494 495
709.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp6: Server crashed when the client sent FQDN option and did
	not request FQDN option to be returned.
	(Trac #3220, git 0f1ed4205a46eb42ef728ba6b0955c9af384e0be)

708.	[bug]		dclink, marcin
497 498 499 500 501
	libdhcpsrv: Fixed a bug in Memfile lease database backend which
	caused DHCPv4 server crashes when leases with NULL client id
	were present. Thanks to David Carlier for submitting the patch.
	(Trac #2940, git a232f3d7d92ebcfb7793dc6b67914299c45c715b)

502 503 504 505 506 507
707.	[bug]		muks
	Using very large numbers (out of bounds) in config values caused
	BIND 10 to throw an exception. This has been fixed in a patch
	contributed by David Carlier.
	(Trac #3114, git 9bd776e36b7f53a6ee2e4d5a2ea79722ba5fe13b)

508 509
706.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4: Server processes the DHCPv4 Client FQDN and Host Name
	options sent by a client and generates the response. As a result
511 512 513 514 515 516 517
	of processing, the server generates NameChangeRequests which
	represent changes to DNS mappings for a particular lease (addition
	or removal of DNS mappings).
	Currently all generated NameChangeRequests are dropped. Sending
	them to b10-dhcp-ddns will be implemented with the future tickets.
	(Trac #3035, git f617e6af8cdf068320d14626ecbe14a73a6da22)

705.	[bug]*		kean
Kean Johnston's avatar
Kean Johnston committed
519 520 521 522 523
	When commands are piped into bindctl, no longer attempt to query the
	user name and password if no default user name and password file is
	present, or it contains no valid entries.
	(Trac #264, git 4921d7de6b5623c7e85d2baf8bc978686877345b)

524 525 526 527 528 529 530
704.	[func]		naokikambe
	New statistics items related to IP sockets added into b10-xfrin:
	open, openfail, close, connfail, conn, senderr, and recverr.
	Their values can be obtained by invoking "Stats show Xfrin" via
	bindctl while b10-xfrin is running.
	(Trac #2300, git 4655c110afa0ec6f5669bf53245bffe6b30ece4b)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
703.	[bug]		kean
Kean Johnston's avatar
Kean Johnston committed
532 533 534 535 536
	A bug in b10-msgq was fixed where it would remove the socket file if
	there was an existing copy of b10-msgq running. It now correctly
	detects and reports this without removing the socket file.
	(Trac #433, git c18a49b0435c656669e6f87ef65d44dc98e0e726)

537 538 539 540 541
702.	[func]		marcin
	perfdhcp: support for sending DHCPv6 Renew messages at the specified
	rate and measure performance.
	(Trac #3183, git 66f2939830926f4337623b159210103b5a8e2434)

Kean Johnston's avatar
Kean Johnston committed
701.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	libdhcp++: Incoming DHCPv6 IAPREFIX option is now parsed properly.
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	(Trac #3211, git ed43618a2c7b2387d76f99a5a4b1a3e05ac70f5e)

546 547
700.	[func]		tomek, marcin
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Support for vendor options has been added. It
548 549 550 551 552
	is now possible to configure vendor options. Server is able to
	parse some CableLabs vendor options and send configured	vendor
	options	in response. The support is not complete.
	(Trac #3194, git 243ded15bbed0d35e230d00f4e3ee42c3609616c)

Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
553 554 555 556 557
699.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcp++: Options with defined suboptions are now handled properly.
	In particular, Relay Agent Info options is now echoed back properly.
	(Trac #3102, git 6f6251bbd761809634aa470f36480d046b4d2a20)

558 559 560 561 562 563
698.	[bug]		muks
	A bug was fixed in the interaction between b10-init and b10-msgq
	that caused BIND 10 failures after repeated start/stop of
	(Trac #3094, git ed672a898d28d6249ff0c96df12384b0aee403c8

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
697.	[func]		tmark
	Implements "user_check" hooks shared library which supports subnet
	selection based upon the contents of a list of known DHCP lease users
	(i.e. clients).  Adds the following subdirectories to the bind10 src
	directory for maintaining hooks shared libraries:
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
569 570 571 572 573
	bind10/src/hooks - base directory for hooks shared libraries;
	bind10/src/hooks/dhcp - base directory for all hooks libs
	pertaining to DHCP (Kea);
	bind10/src/hooks/dhcp/user_check - directory containing the
	user_check hooks library.
574 575
	(Trac #3186, git f36aab92c85498f8511fbbe19fad5e3f787aef68)

696.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
577 578 579
	b10-dhcp4: It is now possible to specify value of siaddr field
	in DHCPv4 responses. It is used to point out to the next
	server in the boot process (that typically is TFTP server).
580 581
	(Trac #3191, git 541922b5300904a5de2eaeddc3666fc4b654ffba)

695.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	b10-dhcp6 is now able to listen on global IPv6 unicast addresses.
	(Trac #3195, git 72e601f2a57ab70b25d50877c8e49242739d1c9f)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

694.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
587 588 589
	b10-dhcp6 now handles exceptions better when processing initial
	configuration. In particular, errors with socket binding do not
	prevent b10-dhcp6 from establishing configuration session anymore.
	(Trac #3195, git 72e601f2a57ab70b25d50877c8e49242739d1c9f)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

693.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	b10-dhcp6 now handles IPv6 interface enabling correctly.
594 595
	(Trac #3195, git 72e601f2a57ab70b25d50877c8e49242739d1c9f)

596 597 598 599 600 601 602
692.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4: Fix a bug whereby the Parameter Request List was not parsed
	by the server and requested DHCPv4 options were not returned to the
	client. Options are not sent back to the client if server failed to
	assign a lease.
	(Trac #3200, git 50d91e4c069c6de13680bfaaee3c56b68d6e4ab1)

603 604 605 606
691.	[bug]		marcin
	libdhcp++: Created definitions for standard DHCPv4 options:
	tftp-server-name (66) and boot-file-name (67). Also, fixed definition
	of DHCPv4 option time-offset (2).
	(Trac #3199, git 6e171110c4dd9ae3b1be828b9516efc65c33460b)

690.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
610 611
	b10-dhcp4: Relay Agent Info option is now echoed back in
	DHCPv4 responses.
612 613
	(Trac #3184, git 287389c049518bff66bdf6a5a49bb8768be02d8e)

614 615 616 617 618
689.	[func]*		marcin
	b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 install callback functions which parse options
	in the received DHCP packets.
	(Trac #3180, git f73fba3cde9421acbeb9486c615900b0af58fa25)

619 620 621
688.	[func]		tomek
	b10-dhcp6: Prefix Delegation support is now extended to
	Renew and Release messages.
	(Trac #3153, #3154, git 3207932815f58045acea84ae092e0a5aa7c4bfd7)

687.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
625 626
	b10-dhcp6: Prefix Delegation (IA_PD and IAPREFIX options) is now
	supported in Solicit and Request messages.
	(Trac #3152, git a0e73dd74658f2deb22fad2c7a1f56d122aa9021)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

686.	[bug]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	b10-dhcp6 now sends back relayed traffic to proper port.
	(Trac #3177, git 6b33de4bea92eecb64b6c673bf1b8ae51f8edcf1)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

685.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
634 635
	libdhcpsrv: Allocation Engine is now able to handle IPv6 prefixes.
	This will be used in Prefix Delegation.
	(Trac #3171, git 7d1431b4c887f0c7ee1b26b9b82d3d3b8464b34f)
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed

638 639 640 641 642 643 644 645
684.	[func]		muks, vorner
	API support to delete zone data has been added. With this,
	DomainTree and RdataSet which form the central zone data
	structures of b10-auth allow deletion of names and RR data
	(Trac #2750, git d3dbe8e1643358d4f88cdbb7a16a32fd384b85b1)
	(Trac #2751, git 7430591b4ae4c7052cab86ed17d0221db3b524a8)

683.	[bug]		stephen
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
647 648 649 650 651
	Modifications to fix problems running unit tests if they
	are statically linked.  This includes provision of an
	initialization function that must be called by user-written
	hooks libraries if they are loaded by a statically-linked
652 653
	(Trac #3113, git 3d19eee4dbfabc7cf7ae528351ee9e3a334cae92)

Naoki Kambe's avatar
Naoki Kambe committed
682.	[func]		naokikambe
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
655 656 657 658
	New statistics items added into b10-xfrin : ixfr_running,
	axfr_running, and soa_in_progress.  Their values can be
	obtained by invoking "Stats show Xfrin" via bindctl when
	b10-xfrin is running.
Naoki Kambe's avatar
Naoki Kambe committed
659 660
	(Trac #2274, git ca691626a2be16f08754177bb27983a9f4984702)

681.	[func]		tmark
662 663
	Added support for prefix delegation configuration to b10-dhcp6
	(Trac# 3151, git 79a22be33825bafa1a0cdfa24d5cb751ab1ae2d3)

666 667 668 669 670 671
680.	[func]		marcin
	perfdhcp: Added support for requesting IPv6 prefixes using IA_PD
	option being sent to the server.
	(Trac #3173, git 4cc844f7cc82c8bd749296a2709ef67af8d9ba87)

679.	[func]		tmark
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
672 673
	b10-dhcp-ddns: Finite state machine logic was refactored
	into its own class, StateModel.
	(Trac# 3156, git 6e9227b1b15448e834d1f60dd655e5633ff9745c)

676 677
678.	[func]		tmark
	MySQL backend used by b10-dhcp6 now uses lease type as a
	filtering parameter in all IPv6 lease queries.
	(Trac# 3147, git 65b6372b783cb1361fd56efe2b3247bfdbdc47ea)

677.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
682 683
	libdhcpsrv: CfgMgr is now able to store IA, TA and PD pools in
	Subnet6 structures.
684 685
	(Trac #3150, git e6f0e89162bac0adae3ce3141437a282d5183162)

686 687 688
676.	[bug]		muks
	We now also allow the short name ("hmac-md5"), along with the long
	name ("") that was allowed before for
	HMAC-MD5, so that it is more convenient to configure TSIG keys
690 691 692
	using it.
	(Trac #2762, git c543008573eba65567e9c189824322954c6dd43b)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
675.	[func]		vorner
Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
694 695 696 697 698
	If there's an exception not handled in a Python BIND10 component,
	it is now stored in a temporary file and properly logged, instead
	of dumping to stderr.
	(Trac #3095, git 18cf54ed89dee1dd1847053c5210f0ca220590c2)

674.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
700 701
	Preparatory work for prefix delegation in LeaseMgr. getLease6()
	renamed to getLeases6(). It now can return more than one lease.
702 703
	(Trac #3146, git 05a05d810be754e7a4d8ca181550867febf6dcc6)

704 705 706 707 708
673.	[func]		tomek
	libdhcp: Added support for IA_PD and IAPREFIX options. New class
	for IAPREFIX (Option6_IAPrefix) has been added.
	(Trac #3145, git 3a844e85ecc3067ccd1c01841f4a61366cb278f4)

Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
672.	[func]		tmark
710 711 712 713 714
	Added b10-dhcp-ddns transaction base class, NameChangeTransaction.
	This class provides the common structure and methods to implement
	the state models described in the DHCP_DDNS design, plus
	integration with DNSClient and its callback mechanism for
	asynchronous IO with the DNS servers.
715 716
	(Trac #3086, git 079b862c9eb21056fdf957e560b8fe7b218441b6)

671.	[func]		dclink, tomek
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
718 719 720
	The memfile backend now supports getLease4(hwaddr) and
	getLease4(client-id) methods. Thanks to David Carlier for
	contributing a patch.
721 722
	(Trac #2592, git a11683be53db2f9f8f9b71c1d1c163511e0319b3)

723 724 725 726 727 728
670.	[func]		marcin
	libdhcpsrv: Added support to MySQL lease database backend to
	store FQDN data for the lease.
	(Trac #3084, git 79b7d8ee017b57a81cec5099bc028e1494d7e2e9)

669.	[func]		tmark
	Added main process event loop to D2Process which is the primary
	application object in b10-dhcp-ddns. This allows DHCP-DDNS
731 732 733 734 735
	to queue requests received from clients for processing while
	listening for command control events.
	(Trac #3075 git e2f9d2e4c1b36f01eb5bfa2c4f8d55cf139c7e02)

668.	[func]		marcin
736 737 738 739
	libdhcpsrv: Implemented changes to lease allocation engine to
	propagate information about client's FQDN.
	(Trac #3083, git 37af28303d1cd61f675faea969cd1159df65bf9d)

667.	[func]		tomek
741 742
	Additional hooks (buffer4_receive, lease4_renew,
	lease4_release, buffer4_send) added to the DHCPv4 server.
743 744
	(Trac #2983, git fd47f18f898695b98623a63a0a1c68d2e4b37568)

Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
745 746 747 748 749
666.	[func]		vorner
	The CmdCtl's command "print_settings" was removed. It served no real
	purpose and was just experimental leftover from early development.
	(Trac #3028, git 0d22246092ad4822d48f5a52af5f644f5ae2f5e2)

665.	[doc]		stephen
751 752
	Added the "Hook's Maintenance Guide" to the BIND 10 developer
Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
	(Trac #3063, git 5d1ee7b7470fc644b798ac47db1811c829f5ac24)

Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
664.	[bug]		tmark
756 757 758 759 760 761
	Corrects a bug in Hooks processing that was improperly
	creating a new callout handle on every call, rather
	than maintaining it throughout the context of the
	packet being processed.
	(Trac #3062, git 28684bcfe5e54ad0421d75d4445a04b75358ce77)

663.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp6: Server processes the DHCPv6 Client FQDN Option
764 765 766 767 768 769
	sent by a client and generates the response. The DHCPv6 Client
	FQDN Option is represented by the new class in the libdhcp++.
	As a result of FQDN Option processing, the server generates
	NameChangeRequests which represent changes to DNS mappings for
	a particular lease (addition or removal of DNS mappings).
	Currently all generated NameChangeRequests are dropped. Sending
	them to b10-dhcp-ddns will be implemented with the future tickets.
771 772
	(Trac #3036, git 209f3964b9f12afbf36f3fa6b62964e03049ec6e)

773 774 775 776 777 778 779
662.	[func]		marcin
	libdhcp++: Implemented an Option4ClientFqdn class which represents
	DHCPv4 Client FQDN Option (code 81) defined in RFC4702. This class
	supports the domain name encoding in canonical FQDN format as well
	as in deprecated ASCII format.
	(Trac# 3082, git 1b434debfbf4a43070eb480fa0975a6eff6429d4)

Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
661.	[func]		stephen
Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
781 782 783 784 785
	Copy additional header files to the BIND 10 installation directory
	to allow the building of DHCP hooks libraries against an installed
	version of BIND 10.
	(Trac #3092, git e9beef0b435ba108af9e5979476bd2928808b342)

660.	[func]		fujiwara
	src/lib/cc: Integer size of C++ CC library is changed to int64_t.
788 789 790 791 792
	b10-auth: The size of statistics counters is changed to uint64_t.
	b10-auth sends lower 63 bit of counter values to b10-stats.
	(Trac #3015,  git e5b3471d579937f19e446f8a380464e0fc059567
	 and Trac #3016, git ffbcf9833ebd2f1952664cc0498608b988628d53)

Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
659.	[func]		stephen
794 795 796
	Added capability to configure the hooks libraries for the
	b10-dhcp4 and b10-dhcp6 servers through the BIND 10
	configuration mechanism.
Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
797 798
	(Trac #2981, git aff6b06b2490fe4fa6568e7575a9a9105cfd7fae)

Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
799 800 801
658.	[func]*		vorner
	The resolver, being experimental, is no longer installed by default.
	If you really want to use it, even when it is known to be buggy, use
	the ./configure --enable-experimental-resolver option.
Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
803 804 805
	(Trac #3064, git f5f07c976d2d42bdf80fea4433202ecf1f260648)

657.	[bug]		vorner
806 807 808 809 810
	Due to various problems with older versions of boost and
	shared memory, the server rejects to compile with combination
	of boost < 1.48 and shared memory enabled. Most users don't
	need shared memory, admins of large servers are asked to
	upgrade boost.
Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar
Michal 'vorner' Vaner committed
811 812
	(Trac #3025, git 598e458c7af7d5bb81131112396e4c5845060ecd)

656.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
814 815
	Additional hooks (buffer6_receive, lease6_renew,
	lease6_release, buffer6_send) added to the DHCPv6 server.
816 817 818
	(Trac #2984, git 540dd0449121094a56f294c500c2ed811f6016b6)

655.	[func]		tmark
819 820 821 822 823
	Added D2UpdateMgr class to b10-dhcp-ddns. This class is
	the b10-dhcp-ddns task master, instantiating and supervising
	transactions that carry out the DNS updates needed to
	fulfill the requests (NameChangeRequests) received from
	b10-dhcp-ddns clients (e.g. DHCP servers).
	(Trac #3059 git d72675617d6b60e3eb6160305738771f015849ba)

826 827 828 829
654.	[bug]		stephen
	Always clear "skip" flag before calling any callouts on a hook.
	(Trac# 3050, git ff0b9b45869b1d9a4b99e785fbce421e184c2e93)

Thomas Markwalder's avatar
Thomas Markwalder committed
830 831
653.	[func]		tmark
	Added initial implementation of D2QueueMgr to
832 833
	b10-dhcp-ddns.  This class manages the receipt and
	queueing of requests received by b10-dhcp-ddns from
Thomas Markwalder's avatar
Thomas Markwalder committed
834 835 836
	its clients (e.g. DHCP servers)
	(Trac# 3052, git a970f6c5255e000c053a2dc47926cea7cec2761c)

Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
837 838 839 840 841
652.	[doc]		stephen
	Added the "Hook Developer's Guide" to the BIND 10 developer
	(Trac# 2982, git 26a805c7e49a9ec85ee825f179cda41a2358f4c6)

842 843 844 845 846
651.	[bug]		muks
	A race condition when creating cmdctl certificates caused corruption
	of these certificates in rare cases. This has now been fixed.
	(Trac# 2962, git 09f557d871faef090ed444ebeee7f13e142184a0)

847 848 849 850 851 852 853
650.	[func]		muks
	The DomainTree rebalancing code has been updated to be more
	understandable. This ChangeLog entry is made just to make a note
	of this change. The change should not cause any observable
	difference whatsoever.
	(Trac# 2811, git 7c0bad1643af13dedf9356e9fb3a51264b7481de)

854 855 856 857 858
649.	[func]		muks
	The default b10-xfrout also_notify port has been changed from
	0 to 53.
	(Trac# 2925, git 8acbf043daf590a9f2ad003e715cd4ffb0b3f979)

859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866
648.	[func]		tmark
	Moved classes pertaining to sending and receiving
	NameChangeRequests from src/bin/d2 into their own library,
	libdhcp_ddns, in src/lib/dhcp_ddns.  This allows the
	classes to be shared between DHDCP-DDNS and its clients,
	such as the DHCP servers.
	(Trac# 3065, git 3d39bccaf3f0565152ef73ec3e2cd03e77572c56)

867 868 869
647.	[func]		tmark
	Added initial implementation of classes for sending
	and receiving NameChangeRequests between DHCP-DDNS
870 871
	and its clients such as DHCP. This includes both
	abstract classes and a derivation which traffics
872 873 874
	requests across UDP sockets.
	(Trac #3008, git b54530b4539cec4476986442e72c047dddba7b48)

Stephen Morris's avatar
Stephen Morris committed
875 876 877 878 879 880
646.	[func]		stephen
	Extended the hooks framework to add a "validate libraries" function.
	This will be used to check libraries specified during BIND 10
	(Trac #3054, git 0f845ed94f462dee85b67f056656b2a197878b04)

645.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	Added initial set of hooks (pkt4_receive, subnet4_select,
	lease4_select, pkt4_send) to the DHCPv4 server.
884 885
	(Trac #2994, git be65cfba939a6a7abd3c93931ce35c33d3e8247b)

886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894
644.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4, b10-dhcp6: Implemented selection of the interfaces
	that server listens on, using Configuration Manager. It is
	possible to specify interface names explicitly or use asterisk
	to specify that server should listen on all available interfaces.
	Sockets are reopened according to the new configuration as
	soon as it is committed.
	(Trac #1555, git f48a3bff3fbbd15584d788a264d5966154394f04)

895 896 897 898 899 900 901
643.	[bug]		muks
	When running some unittests as root that depended on insufficient
	file permissions, the tests used to fail because the root user
	could still access such files. Such tests are now skipped when
	they are run as the root user.
	(Trac #3056, git 92ebabdbcf6168666b03d7f7fbb31f899be39322)

642.	[func]		tomek
Tomek Mrugalski's avatar
Tomek Mrugalski committed
	Added initial set of hooks (pkt6_receive, subnet6_select,
904 905 906
	lease6_select, pkt6_send) to the DHCPv6 server.
	(Trac #2995, git d6de376f97313ba40fef989e4a437d184fdf70cc)

907 908 909 910 911 912
641.	[func]		stephen
	Added the hooks framework. This allows shared libraries of
	user-written functions to be loaded at run-time and the
	functions called during packet processing.
	(Trac #2980, git 82c997a72890a12af135ace5b9ee100e41c5534e)

913 914 915 916
640.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp-ddns: Implemented DNSClient class which implements
	asynchronous DNS updates using UDP. The TCP and TSIG support
	will be	implemented at later time. Nevertheless, class API
	accommodates the use of TCP and TSIG.
918 919
	(Trac #2977, git 5a67a8982baa1fd6b796c063eeb13850c633702c)

920 921 922 923 924 925
639.	[bug]		muks
	Added workaround for build failure on Fedora 19 between GCC 4.8.x
	and boost versions less than 1.54. Fedora 19 currently ships
	(Trac #3039, git 4ef6830ed357ceb859ebb3e5e821a064bd8797bb)

Naoki Kambe's avatar
Naoki Kambe committed
926 927 928 929 930 931
638.	[bug]*		naokikambe
	Per-zone statistics counters are distinguished by zone class,
	e.g. IN, CH, and HS. A class name is added onto a zone name in
	structure of per-zone statistics.
	(Trac #2884, git c0153581c3533ef045a92e68e0464aab00947cbb)

637.	[func]		tmark
933 934 935 936 937
	Added initial implementation of NameChangeRequest,
	which embodies DNS update requests sent to DHCP-DDNS
	by its clients.
	(trac3007 git f33bdd59c6a8c8ea883f11578b463277d01c2b70)

636.	[func]		tmark
	Added the initial implementation of configuration parsing for
941 942
	(Trac #2957, git c04fb71fa44c2a458aac57ae54eeb1711c017a49)

943 944 945 946
635.	[func]		marcin
	b10-dhcp-ddns: Implemented DNS Update message construction.
	(Trac #2796, git eac5e751473e238dee1ebf16491634a1fbea25e2)

947 948 949 950 951 952 953 954 955
634.	[bug]		muks
	When processing DDNS updates, we now check the zone more
	thoroughly with the received zone data updates to check if it is
	valid.  If the zone fails validation, we reply with SERVFAIL
	rcode. So, while previously we may have allowed more zone data
	cases without checking which resulted in invalid zones, such
	update requests are now rejected.
	(Trac #2759, git d8991bf8ed720a316f7506c1dd9db7de5c57ad4d)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
956 957 958 959 960 961 962
633.	[func]		jinmei
	b10-memmgr: a new BIND 10 module that manages shared memory
	segments for DNS zone data.  At this point it's runnable but does
	nothing really meaningful for end users; it was added to the
	master branch for further development.
	(Trac #2854, git d05d7aa36d0f8f87b94dba114134b50ca37eabff)

963 964 965 966 967
632.	[bug]		marcin
	perfdhcp: Fixed a bug in whereby the application was sporadically
	crashing when timed out packets were garbage collected.
	(Trac #2979, git 6d42b333f446eccc9d0204bcc04df38fed0c31db)

968 969 970 971 972
631.	[bug]		muks
	Applied a patch by Tomas Hozza to fix a couple of compile errors
	on Fedora 19 development release.
	(Trac #3001, git 6e42b90971b377261c72d51c38bf4a8dc336664a)

973 974 975 976 977 978 979
630.	[bug]		muks
	If there is a problem loading the backend module for a type of
	data source, b10-auth would not serve any zones. This behaviour
	has been changed now so that it serves zones from all other usable
	data sources that were configured.
	(Trac #2947, git 9a3ddf1e2bfa2546bfcc7df6d9b11bfbdb5cf35f)

980 981 982 983
629.	[func]		stephen
	Added first part of the hooks framework.
	(Trac #2794, git d2b107586db7c2deaecba212c891d231d7e54a07)

984 985 986 987 988 989
628.	[func]		y-aharen
	b10-auth: A new statistics item 'qryrecursion' has been introduced.
	The counter is for the number of queries (OpCode=Query) with Recursion
	Desired (RD) bit on.
	(Trac #2796, git 3d291f42cdb186682983aa833a1a67cb9e6a8434)

627.	[func]		tmark
991 992 993 994
	Logger name for DHCP-DDNS has been changed from "d2_logger" to
	"dhcpddns".  In addition, its log messages now use two suffixes,
	DCTL_ for logs the emanate from the underlying base classes, and
	DHCP_DDNS_ for logs which emanate from DHCP-DDNS specific code
	(Trac #2978, git 5aec5fb20b0486574226f89bd877267cb9116921)
Thomas Markwalder's avatar
Thomas Markwalder committed

997 998 999
626.	[func]		tmark
	Created the initial implementation of DHCP-DDNS service
	controller class, D2Controller, and the abstract class from
	which it derives, DControllerBase. D2Controller manages the
	lifecycle and BIND10 integration of the DHCP-DDNS application
	process, D2Process. Also note, module name is now
1003 1004 1005
	(Trac #2956, git a41cac582e46213c120b19928e4162535ba5fe76)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015
625.	[bug]*		jinmei
	b10-xfrin/b10-loadzone: b10-xfrin now refers to the unified
	"data_sources" module configuration instead of almost-deprecated
	the Auth/database_file configuration (Note: zonemgr still uses the
	latter, so a secondary server would still need it for the moment).
	Due to this change, b10-xfrin does not auto-generate an initial
	zone for the very first transfer anymore; b10-loadzone has been
	extended with a new -e option for the initial setup.
	(Trac #2946, git 8191aec04c5279c199909f00f0a0b2b8f7bede94)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025
624.	[bug]		jinmei
	logging: prevented multiple BIND 10 processes from generating
	multiple small log files when they dumped logs to files and try
	to roll over them simultaneously.  This fix relies on a feature of
	underling logging library (log4cplus) version 1.1.0 or higher,
	so the problem can still happen if BIND 10 is built with an older
	version of log4cplus. (But this is expected to happen rarely in
	any case unless a verbose debug level is specified).
	(Trac #1622, git 5da8f8131b1224c99603852e1574b2a1adace236)

623.	[func]		tmark
1027 1028 1029 1030
	Created the initial, bare-bones implementation of DHCP-DDNS
	service process class, D2Process, and the abstract class
	from which it derives, DProcessBase. D2Process will provide
	the DHCP-DDNS specific event loop and business logic.
1031 1032
	(Trac #2955, git dbe4772246039a1257b6492936fda2a8600cd245)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1033 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042 1043
622.	[func]*		jinmei
	b10-xfrin now has tighter control on the choice of IXFR or AXFR
	through zones/request_ixfr configuration item.  It includes
	the new "IXFR only" behavior for some special cases.  b10-xfrin
	now also uses AXFR whenever necessary, so it is now safe to try
	IXFR by default and it's made the default.  The previous
	use_ixfr configuration item was deprecated and triggers startup
	failure if specified; configuration using use_ixfr should be
	(Trac #2911, git 8118f8e4e9c0ad3e7b690bbce265a163e4f8767a)

1044 1045 1046 1047 1048 1049 1050 1051 1052 1053 1054 1055
621.	[func]		team
	libdns++: All Rdata classes now use the generic lexer in
	constructors from text. This means that the name fields in such
	RRs in a zone file can now be non-absolute (the origin name in that
	context will be used), e.g., when loaded by b10-loadzone. Note
	that the existing string constructors for these Rdata classes also
	use the generic lexer, and they now expect an absolute name (with
	the trailing '.') in the name fields.
	(Trac #2522, git ea97070cf6b41299351fc29af66fa39c6465d56a)
	(Trac #2521, git c6603decaadcd33ccf9aee4a7b22447acec4b7f6)
	(See also ChangeLog 594, 564, 545)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1056 1057 1058 1059 1060 1061 1062 1063 1064 1065
620.	[bug]		jinmei
	b10-auth now returns SERVFAIL to queries for a zone that is
	configured to be loaded in-memory but isn't due to load time
	errors (missing zone file or errors in the zone file, etc).
	Such zones were previously treated as non existent and would
	result in REFUSED or unintentional match against less specific
	zones.  The revised behavior is also compatible with BIND 9.
	(Trac #2905, git 56ee9810fdfb5f86bd6948e6bf26545ac714edd8)

619.	[bug]		jinmei
JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1066 1067 1068 1069 1070
	b10-xfrout now uses blocking send for xfr response messages
	to prevent abrupt termination of the stream due to a slower
	client or narrower network bandwidth.
	(Trac #2934, git bde0e94518469557c8b455ccbecc079a38382afd)

618.	[func]*		marcin
JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 1080
	b10-dhcp4: Added the ability for the server to respond to a
	directly connected client which does not yet have an IP address.
	On Linux, the server will unicast the response to the client's
	hardware address and the 'yiaddr' (the client's new IP
	address). Sending a response to the unicast address prevents other
	(not interested) hosts from receiving the server response. This
	capability is not yet implemented on non-Linux Operating Systems
	where, in all cases, the server responds to the broadcast
	address. The logic conforms to section 4.1 of RFC 2131.
1081 1082
	(Trac #2902, git c2d40e3d425f1e51647be6a717c4a97d7ca3c29c)

1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 1090
617.	[bug]		marcin
	b10-dhcp4: Fixed a bug whereby the domain-name option was encoded
	as FQDN (using technique described in RFC1035) instead of a string.
	Also, created new class which represents an option carrying a single
	string value. This class is now used for all standard options of
	this kind.
	(Trac #2786, git 96b1a7eb31b16bf9b270ad3d82873c0bd86a3530)

1091 1092 1093 1094 1095 1096
616.	[doc]		stephen
	Added description to the DHCP "Database Back-Ends" section of the
	BIND 10 Developer's Guide about how to set up a MySQL database for
	testing the DHCP MySQL backend.
	(Trac #2653, git da3579feea036aa2b7d094b1c260a80a69d2f9aa)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1097 1098 1099 1100 1101 1102 1103
615.	[bug]		jinmei
	b10-auth: Avoid referencing to a freed object when authoritative
	server addresses are reconfigured.  It caused a crash on a busy
	server during initial startup time, and the same crash could also
	happen if listen_on parameters are reconfigured at run time.
	(Trac #2946, git d5f2a0d0954acd8bc33aabb220fab31652394fcd)

614.	[func]		tmark
	b10-d2: Initial DHCP-DDNS (a.k.a. D2) module implemented.
Jeremy C. Reed's avatar
Jeremy C. Reed committed
1106 1107
	Currently it does nothing useful, except for providing the
	skeleton implementation to be expanded in the future.
1108 1109
	(Trac #2954, git 392c5ec5d15cd8c809bc9c6096b9f2bfe7b8c66a)

JINMEI Tatuya's avatar
JINMEI Tatuya committed
1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120
613.	[func]		jinmei
	datasrc: Error handling in loading zones into memory is now more
	consistent and convenient: data source configuration does not fail
	due to zones configured to be loaded into memory but not available
	in the data source, just like the case of missing zone file for
	the MasterFiles type of data source.  Also, zones that aren't
	loaded into memory due to errors can now be reloaded for b10-auth
	using the bindctl Auth loadzone command after fixing the error,
	without reconfiguring the entire data source.
	(Trac #2851, git a3d4fe8a32003534150ed076ea0bbf80e1fcc43c)

1121 1122
612.	[func]		tomek
	b10-dhcp6: Support for relayed DHCPv6 traffic has been added.
	(Trac #2898, git c3f6b67fa16a07f7f7ede24dd85feaa7c157e1cb)

Naoki Kambe's avatar
Naoki Kambe committed