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    [master] shorten README · 337198f6
    Jeremy C. Reed authored
    As discussed at ISC all hands shortened README a lot.
    Reduced by almost 200 lines.
    Mention DHCP echo server.
    Point to guide in txt format (now in repo).
    Removed some redundant details that are in guide.
    NOTE: This removed details about 1) gtest / make check 2) coverage
    testing; 3) run_*.sh ; 4) running (already in guide); 5) bindctl
    config examples.
    I will make sure these are documented in guide, in the wiki,
    or at least re-added to the doc/ directory. But some may not be
    in this week's snapshot tarball.
    I opened one ticket to handle the bindctl config examples (#1302).
    This was discussed a little on jabber.