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    [3997] Corrected DHCP4 server crash on exit when DDNS is enabled · 5e855328
    Thomas Markwalder authored
    Rather that stopping it explicitly, the server was relying D2ClientMgr
    to stop itself during its own destruction.  This was falling over during
    process wind-down because the IfaceMgr singletone was being destroyed before
    the D2ClientMgr instance.
    The server destructor now explicitly stops the D2ClientMgr.
        added DHCP4_SRV_D2STOP_ERROR log message
        Dhcpv4Srv::stopD2() - new method stops the NCR sender, causing it to
        unregister its WathSocket from IfaceMgr
        Dhcpv4Srv::~Dhcpv4Srv() - added call to Dhcpv4Srv::stopD2()
        Enabled DNS updates in the CONFIG string.  This ensures the D2
        client will be started during system tests
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