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    [3629] Removed reference to UnittestUtil::addDataPath from asiodns tests. · 7e7944df
    Marcin Siodelski authored
    The reference could be removed because the TEST_DATA_DIR was unused in the
    asiodns unit tests. In fact the folder it pointed to did not exist. Removal
    of the call to addDataPath allowed for not including and compiling the
    dns/tests/unittest_util.h and dns/tests/unittest_util.cc.
    The major reason for this change was to remove the dependency on the files
    located in the dns/tests because due to the bug in automake they could not
    be included in build using an absolute path specified with $(top_srcdir).
    Note that when the AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects is specified, the
    object files are created in the subdirectories. When the location of the
    source file is specified using a variable like $(top_srcdir) the name of
    the variable is treated as a name of the subdirectory, not a path to the
    file located out of the tree. Hence, we may need to avoid including files
    like this when subdir-objects is in force.