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    [2252] add exceptional cases for checking initial statistics of Xfrout · c0acd591
    Naoki Kambe authored
    .Xfrout.socket.unixdomain.open should be 1 immediately after Xfrout started.
    But Stats could not have the latest statistics of Xfrout if it requests until
    Xfrout is ready for accepting a statistics request from Stats.  Thus in that
    case, Stats would show that .Xfrout.socket.unixdomain.open is 1.  For checking
    exactly that .Xfrout.socket.unixdomain.open is 1 here, it waits for the second
    time until Stats requests all modules which are Auth, Init, and Xfrout.  The
    Stats configuration "poll-interval" is changed to one second so that timeout in
    the lettuce test is avoided.
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