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    [2136] Revised the test scripts and the config db file · e60a5349
    Naoki Kambe authored
    - Fixed the incorrect previous fix.
      There should not be the inconsistency on number of mock Auth instances on
      both test scripts: b10-stats_test.py and b10-stats-httpd_test.py. In the
      previous change, there was the inconsistency in MockBoss class. Actually in
      b10-stats-httpd_test.py, the number of auth instances which Cfgmgr answers
      was four, but the number of actually invoked auth instances was one.
    - Reduce the number of invoked mock Auth instances
      In theses test scripts, multiple Auth instances need to be invoked. But if
      four instances are actually invoked in these scripts, open files(ulimit -n)
      exceeds 256. In the environment where ulimit -n was set to 256, the
      b10-stats-httpd_test.py test failed actually.  In that case,
      b10-stats-httpd_test.py needs open files more than 256.  So the number of the
      auth instances in mock modules was reduced into 2 in the scripts. This fix is
      for the comment at #2136.
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