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    Only use -Wno-unused-parameter with g++. · edb8115f
    Jeremy C. Reed authored
    Use libtool to create libcc. Have users of libcc use the libcc.la (libtool
    I noticed this because libcfgclient's tests only linked with cc/data.o
    but build using Sunstudio showed it used libcc's session also.
    So instead of just linking with cc/session.o (which does work),
    I chose to link with libcc -- and noticed it was not using libtool.
    (Later will change other linking with foo.o object files to use
    libtool .la files instead. Also for Sunstudio support a minor
    patch for src/lib/cc/session_unittests.cc may later be committed.)
    No trac ticket for this. It was discussed with jinmei via jabber.
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