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Add "quit" command.

Fix some descriptions.
Clean up.
Add a couple examples.
Almost done!

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......@@ -50,6 +50,12 @@ You can use the
keyword to receive usage assistance for a module or a module's
.Ic quit
command is used to exit
(and doesn't stop the BIND 10 services).
The following modules are available:
.Bl -tag -width ".Li ParkingLot" -compact -offset indent
......@@ -59,7 +65,7 @@ Control BIND 10 services.
.It Ic config
Configuration commands.
.It Ic ParkingLot
.\" TODO
.Bl -tag -width Ic
......@@ -76,32 +82,44 @@ The following configuration commands are recognized by
.Nm :
.Bl -tag -width Ic
.It Ic add Ar identifier Ar value
Add entry to configuration.
Add a value to a list.
.\" TODO: explain better
.\" TODO: define list, map, others ...
.\" TODO: why the value?
.It Ic commit
Commit all local changes.
TODO: what does this do?
.\" TODO: what does this do?
.It Ic go Ar identifier
Go to the specified configuration. TODO
Go to the specified location within the configuration.
.\" TODO: explain this
.It Ic help
Get help for the
.Em config
.It Ic remove Ar identifier Ar value
Remove entry from configuration.
Remove a value from a list.
.\" TODO: why the value?
.It Ic revert
Revert all local changes.
TODO: what does this do?
Revert all local changes (that have not been committed).
.\" TODO: what does this do?
.It Ic set Ar identifier Ar value
Set a configuration value.
.It Ic show
Show configuration.
.\" TODO
.It Ic show Op Ar identifier.
.\" TODO
Show the currently set configuration values.
If no
.Ar identifier
is given, the current location is used (as set by the
.Ic go
If a config option is a list or a map, the value is not
shown directly, but must be requested separately.
.\" TODO: example of this list or map
.It Ic unset Ar identifier
Unset a configuration value.
Remove a configuration value.
If the option is mandatory, it will reset to the default value.
.\" TODO: how to know default values before?
.Bl -tag -width Ic
......@@ -121,7 +139,23 @@ Print the given message to stdout.
.Pp command-line editing?
The following are some
.Bl -tag -width abcde
.It Ic "config help"
Show the commands for the
.Em config
.It Ic "config go ParkingLot/"
Go to the
.Dq ParkingLot/
configuration location.
.\" TODO: why the trailing slash?
.Xr msgq 8
.\" TODO: write msgq manual page
.\" complete this info later
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