Commit 0232cbe0 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[711] catch and ignore permission error for unlinking log lock file.

parent 67eb8ca0
......@@ -1206,7 +1206,19 @@ def remove_lock_files():
for f in lockfiles:
fname = lpath + '/' + f
if os.path.isfile(fname):
except OSError as e:
# We catch and ignore permission related error on unlink.
# This can happen if bind10 started with -u, created a lock
# file as a privileged user, but the directory is not writable
# for the changed user. This setup will cause immediate
# start failure, and we leave verbose error message including
# the leftover lock file, so it should be acceptable to ignore
# it (note that it doesn't make sense to log this event at
# this poitn)
if e.errno != errno.EPERM and e.errno != errno.EACCES:
......@@ -2342,11 +2342,15 @@ class TestFunctions(unittest.TestCase):
self.__isfile_orig = bind10_src.os.path.isfile
self.__unlink_orig = bind10_src.os.unlink
def tearDown(self):
os.environ["B10_LOCKFILE_DIR_FROM_BUILD"] = "@abs_top_builddir@"
bind10_src.os.path.isfile = self.__isfile_orig
bind10_src.os.unlink = self.__unlink_orig
def test_remove_lock_files(self):
os.environ["B10_LOCKFILE_DIR_FROM_BUILD"] = self.lockfile_testpath
......@@ -2370,6 +2374,28 @@ class TestFunctions(unittest.TestCase):
# second call should not assert anyway
def test_remove_lock_files_fail(self):
# Permission error on unlink is ignored; other exceptions are really
# unexpected and propagated.
def __raising_unlink(unused, ex):
raise ex
bind10_src.os.path.isfile = lambda _: True
os_error = OSError()
bind10_src.os.unlink = lambda f: __raising_unlink(f, os_error)
os_error.errno = errno.EPERM
bind10_src.remove_lock_files() # no disruption
os_error.errno = errno.EACCES
bind10_src.remove_lock_files() # no disruption
os_error.errno = errno.ENOENT
self.assertRaises(OSError, bind10_src.remove_lock_files)
bind10_src.os.unlink = lambda f: __raising_unlink(f, Exception('bad'))
self.assertRaises(Exception, bind10_src.remove_lock_files)
def test_get_signame(self):
# just test with some samples
signame = bind10_src.get_signame(signal.SIGTERM)
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