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[master] Update changelog for merge of #1351

parent e65b7b36
522. [func] jelte
Configuration of TSIG keys for b10-xfrin has changed; instead of
specifying the full TSIG key (<name>:<base64>:<algo>) it now expects
just the name, and uses the global TSIG Key Ring like all the other
components (configuration list /tsig_keys/keys).
Note: this is not automatically updated, so if you use TSIG in
xfrin, you need to update your configuration.
(Trac #1351, git e65b7b36f60f14b7abe083da411e6934cdfbae7a)
521. [func] marcin
Implemented definitions for DHCPv6 standard options identified
by codes up to 48. These definitions are now used by the DHCPv6
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