Commit 05d4deb6 authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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Fix for pkt4 unittest, introduced in 1226.

parent 66bb38a4
......@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ generateTestPacket2() {
vector<uint8_t> buf(hdr, hdr + sizeof(hdr));
// Append the large header fields.
copy(dummyMacAddr, dummyMacAddr + Pkt4::MAX_CHADDR_LEN, back_inserter(buf));
copy(dummyChaddr, dummyChaddr + Pkt4::MAX_CHADDR_LEN, back_inserter(buf));
copy(dummySname, dummySname + Pkt4::MAX_SNAME_LEN, back_inserter(buf));
copy(dummyFile, dummyFile + Pkt4::MAX_FILE_LEN, back_inserter(buf));
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