Commit 064e66c1 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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Merge branch 'trac2299'

parents c1b9c031 1389ed43
......@@ -523,21 +523,13 @@ FindNodeResult findNode(const ZoneData& zone_data,
return (FindNodeResult(ZoneFinder::NXDOMAIN, nsec_rrset.first,
uint8_t ls_buf[LabelSequence::MAX_SERIALIZED_LENGTH];
// Create the wildcard name (i.e. take "*" and extend it
// with all node labels down to the wildcard node
LabelSequence wildcard_ls(LabelSequence::WILDCARD(), ls_buf);
const ZoneNode* extend_with = node;
while (extend_with != NULL) {
wildcard_ls.extend(extend_with->getLabels(), ls_buf);
extend_with = extend_with->getUpperNode();
// Clear the node_path so that we don't keep incorrect (NSEC)
// context
ZoneTree::Result result = tree.find(wildcard_ls, &node, node_path,
// Pass the wildcard label sequence ("*") (which is
// non-absolute) and the previous node_path result to this
// special shortcut form of find() that searches below from
// the node_path.
ZoneTree::Result result = tree.find(LabelSequence::WILDCARD(),
&node, node_path,
cutCallback, &state);
// Otherwise, why would the domain_flag::WILD be there if
// there was no wildcard under it?
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