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[1067] Interface definitions for iterating database

* DatabaseClient::getIterator
* DatabaseConnection::getIteratorContext
* DatabaseConnection::IteratorContext

Nothing is implemented, it's just the header parts and doxygen comments.
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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
#include <datasrc/client.h>
#include <exceptions/exceptions.h>
namespace isc {
namespace datasrc {
......@@ -71,6 +73,84 @@ public:
* an opaque handle.
virtual std::pair<bool, int> getZone(const isc::dns::Name& name) const = 0;
* \brief This holds the internal context of ZoneIterator for databases
* While the ZoneIterator implementation from DatabaseClient does all the
* translation from strings to DNS classes and validation, this class
* holds the pointer to where the database is at reading the data.
* It can either hold shared pointer to the connection which created it
* and have some kind of statement inside (in case single database
* connection can handle multiple concurrent SQL statements) or it can
* create a new connection (or, if it is more convenient, the connection
* itself can inherit both from DatabaseConnection and IteratorContext
* and just clone itself).
class IteratorContext : public boost::noncopyable {
* \brief Destructor
* Virtual destructor, so any descendand class is destroyed correctly.
virtual ~IteratorContext() { }
* \brief Function to provide next resource record
* This function should provide data about the next resource record
* from the iterated zone. The data are not converted yet.
* The order of RRs is not strictly set, but the RRs for single RRset
* must not be interlieved with any other RRs (eg. RRsets must be
* "together").
* \param name The name of the RR will be returned here.
* \param rtype The string representation of RRType will be returned
* through this parameter.
* \param ttl The time to live output parameter.
* \param data This is where the string representation of data will be
* put.
* \return If there was RR returned. Once it returns false, the zone
* was iterated to its end.
* \todo Do we consider databases where it is stored in binary blob
* format?
virtual bool getNext(std::string& name, std::string& rtype, int& ttl,
std::string& data) = 0;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<IteratorContext> IteratorContextPtr;
* \brief Creates an iterator context for given zone.
* This should create a new iterator context to be used by
* DatabaseConnection's ZoneIterator. It can be created based on the name
* or the ID (returned from getZone()), what is more comfortable for the
* database implementation. Both are provided (and are guaranteed to match,
* the DatabaseClient first looks up the zone ID and then calls this).
* The default implementation throws isc::NotImplemented, to allow
* "minimal" implementations of the connection not supporting optional
* functionality.
* \param name The name of the zone.
* \param id The ID of the zone, returned from getZone().
* \return Newly created iterator context. Must not be NULL.
virtual IteratorContextPtr getIteratorContext(const isc::dns::Name& name,
int id) const
* This is a compromise. We need to document the parameters in doxygen,
* so they need a name, but then it complains about unused parameter.
* This is a NOP that "uses" the parameters.
"This database datasource can't be iterated");
......@@ -181,6 +261,23 @@ public:
* returned, though.
virtual FindResult findZone(const isc::dns::Name& name) const;
* \brief Get the zone iterator
* The iterator allows going through the whole zone content. If the
* underlying DatabaseConnection is implemented correctly, it should
* be possible to have multiple ZoneIterators at once and query data
* at the same time.
* \exception DataSourceError if the zone doesn't exist.
* \exception isc::NotImplemented if the underlying DatabaseConnection
* doesn't implement iteration.
* \exception Anything else the underlying DatabaseConnection might
* want to throw.
* \param name The origin of the zone to iterate.
* \return Shared pointer to the iterator (it will never be NULL)
virtual ZoneIteratorPtr getIterator(const isc::dns::Name& name) const;
/// \brief Our connection.
const std::auto_ptr<DatabaseConnection> connection_;
......@@ -41,6 +41,13 @@ public:
// This tests the default getIteratorContext behaviour, throwing NotImplemented
TEST(DatabaseConnectionTest, getIteratorContext) {
// The parameters don't matter
EXPECT_THROW(MockConnection().getIteratorContext(Name("."), 1),
class DatabaseClientTest : public ::testing::Test {
DatabaseClientTest() {
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