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Changelog for #2877

parent 33bd949a
601. [bug]* jinmei, vorner
The "delete record" interface of the database based data source
was extended do that the parameter includes reversed name in
addition to the actual name. This may help the underlying
accessor implementation if reversed names are more convenient
for the delete operation. This was the case for the SQLite3
accessor implementation, and it now performs delete operations
much faster. At a higher level, this means IXFR and DDNS Updates
to the sqlite3 database are no longer so slow on large zones as
they were before.
(Trac #2877, git 33bd949ac7288c61ed0a664b7329b50b36d180e5)
600. [bug] tmark
Changed mysql_lease_mgr to set the SQL mode option to STRICT. This
causes mysql it to treat invalid input data as an error. Rather than
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