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[master] Add ChangeLog entry for #3213

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800. [build] jinmei
Fixed various build time issues for MacOS X 10.9. Those include
some general fixes and improvements:
- (libdns++) masterLoad() functions now use the generic MasterLoader
class as backend, eliminating the restrictions of the previous
- (libcc) fixed a minor portability bug in the JSON parser. Although
the only known affected system is OS X 10.9 at the moment, that
could potentially cause disruption on other existing and future
Other notes:
- if built with googletest, gtest 1.7 (and possibly higher) is
- many older versions of Boost don't work. A known workable version
is 1.54.
(Trac #3213, git d4e570f097fe0eb9009b177a4af285cde0c636cc)
709. [bug] marcin
b10-dhcp6: Server crashed when the client sent FQDN option and did
not request FQDN option to be returned.
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