Commit 131b376f authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2157] style: added blank line before \brief for readability.

parent 4f7957ec
......@@ -65,39 +65,50 @@ public:
/// a standard exception if memory allocation fails inside the method.
inline QRAttributes();
/// The destructor.
/// This method never throws an exception.
inline ~QRAttributes();
/// \brief Set query opcode.
/// \throw None
inline void setQueryOpCode(const int opcode);
/// \brief Set IP version carrying a query.
/// \throw None
inline void setQueryIPVersion(const int ip_version);
/// \brief Set transport protocol carrying a query.
/// \throw None
inline void setQueryTransportProtocol(const int transport_protocol);
/// \brief Set query EDNS attributes.
/// \throw None
inline void setQueryEDNS(const bool is_edns_0, const bool is_edns_badver);
/// \brief Set query DO bit.
/// \throw None
inline void setQueryDO(const bool is_dnssec_ok);
/// \brief Set query TSIG attributes.
/// \throw None
inline void setQuerySig(const bool is_tsig, const bool is_sig0,
const bool is_badsig);
/// \brief Set zone origin.
/// \throw None
inline void setOrigin(const std::string& origin);
/// \brief Set if the answer has sent.
/// \throw None
inline void answerWasSent();
/// \brief Set if the response is truncated.
/// \throw None
inline void setResponseTruncated(const bool is_truncated);
/// \brief Reset attributes.
/// \throw None
inline void reset();
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