Commit 144549c0 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1389] make RR set sequence comparison independent from SQLite3 implementation

details.  This should solve failure of some AXFR tests using SQLite3 on
some systems.
parent f06cabd3
......@@ -1045,13 +1045,22 @@ class TestXfroutSessionWithSQLite3(TestXfroutSessionBase):
# This zone contains two A RRs for the same name with different TTLs.
# These TTLs should be preseved in the AXFR stream.
actual_records = response.get_section(Message.SECTION_ANSWER)
expected_records = [create_soa(2011112001),
create_a(Name(self.ns_name), '', 3600),
create_a(Name(self.ns_name), '', 7200),
self.assertEqual(len(expected_records), len(actual_records))
for (expected_rr, actual_rr) in zip(expected_records, actual_records):
self.assertEqual(5, len(actual_records))
# The first and last RR should be the expected SOA
expected_soa = create_soa(2011112001)
self.assertTrue(rrsets_equal(expected_soa, actual_records[0]))
self.assertTrue(rrsets_equal(expected_soa, actual_records[-1]))
# The ordering of the intermediate RRs can differ depending on the
# internal details of the SQLite3 library, so we sort them by a simple
# rule sufficient for the purpose here, and then compare them.
expected_others = [create_ns(self.ns_name),
create_a(Name(self.ns_name), '', 3600),
create_a(Name(self.ns_name), '', 7200)]
keyfn = lambda x: (x.get_type(), x.get_ttl())
for (expected_rr, actual_rr) in zip(sorted(expected_others, key=keyfn),
self.assertTrue(rrsets_equal(expected_rr, actual_rr))
def test_axfr_normal_session(self):
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