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Begin document resolver in guide.

Start documenting b10-resolver in guide. Lots to still do.
Also regen HTML.
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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
<title>Supported Platforms</title>
BIND 10 builds have been tested on Debian GNU/Linux 5,
Ubuntu 9.10, NetBSD 5, Solaris 10, FreeBSD 7, and CentOS
Ubuntu 9.10, NetBSD 5, Solaris 10, FreeBSD 7 and 8, and CentOS
Linux 5.3.
It has been tested on Sparc, i386, and amd64 hardware
......@@ -124,6 +124,7 @@
<command>b10-msgq</command> &mdash;
......@@ -132,6 +133,7 @@
BIND 10 processes.
<command>b10-auth</command> &mdash;
......@@ -139,6 +141,7 @@
This process serves DNS requests.
<command>b10-cfgmgr</command> &mdash;
......@@ -146,6 +149,7 @@
This process maintains all of the configuration for BIND 10.
<command>b10-cmdctl</command> &mdash;
......@@ -154,6 +158,15 @@
<command>b10-resolver</command> &mdash;
Recursive name server.
This process handles incoming queries.
<!-- TODO: -->
<command>b10-xfrin</command> &mdash;
......@@ -668,7 +681,8 @@ var/
about other modules.
The <command>bind10</command> master process will also start up
<command>b10-cmdctl</command> for admins to communicate with the
system, <command>b10-auth</command> for Authoritative DNS service,
system, <command>b10-auth</command> for authoritative DNS service or
<command>b10-resolver</command> for recursive name service,
<command>b10-xfrin</command> for inbound DNS zone transfers,
<command>b10-xfrout</command> for outbound DNS zone transfers,
and <command>b10-zonemgr</command> for secondary service.
......@@ -1272,6 +1286,45 @@ what is XfroutClient xfr_client??
<chapter id="resolverserver">
<title>Recursive Name Server</title>
The <command>b10-resolver</command> process is started by
<!-- TODO
It provides a resolver so DNS clients can ask it to do recursion
and it will return answers.
The current version only provides a forwarding DNS server.
It does not cache and does not iterate to find answers.
It simply forwards the query on to another full resolver.
<!-- TODO:
By default, bind10 starts the authoritative service.
> config set Boss/start_auth false
> config set Boss/start_resolver true
config commit
Boss shutdown
restart Boss
then next set forward_addresses as needed
{"version": 2, "Resolver": {"forward_addresses": [{"port": 5302, "address": ""}], "listen_on": [{"port": 53, "address": ""}, {"port": 53, "address": ""}]}, "Boss": {"start_auth": false, "start_resolver": true}}
<!-- TODO: how to help: run unit tests, join lists, review trac tickets -->
<!-- <index> <title>Index</title> </index> -->
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