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add positional parameters in bigtool; merge back from jelte-datadef rev 342 and 386

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent 60e8544e
......@@ -60,13 +60,35 @@ class BigTool(Cmd):
raise CmdUnknownParamSyntaxError(cmd.module, cmd.command,
elif params:
param_name = None
index = 0
param_count = len(params)
for name in params:
if not name in all_params:
# either the name of the parameter must be known, or
# the 'name' must be an integer (ie. the position of
# an unnamed argument
if type(name) == int:
# (-1, help is always in the all_params list)
if name >= len(all_params) - 1:
# add to last known param
if param_name:
cmd.params[param_name] += cmd.params[name]
raise CmdUnknownParamSyntaxError(cmd.module, cmd.command, cmd.params[name])
# replace the numbered items by named items
param_name = command_info.get_param_name_by_position(name+1, index, param_count)
cmd.params[param_name] = cmd.params[name]
del cmd.params[name]
elif not name in all_params:
raise CmdUnknownParamSyntaxError(cmd.module, cmd.command, name)
param_nr = 0
for name in manda_params:
if not name in params:
if not name in params and not param_nr in params:
raise CmdMissParamSyntaxError(cmd.module, cmd.command, name)
param_nr += 1
def _handle_cmd(self, cmd):
#to do, consist xml package and send to bind10
......@@ -220,6 +242,64 @@ class BigTool(Cmd):
def apply_config_cmd(self, cmd):
identifier = self.location
if 'identifier' in cmd.params:
if not identifier.endswith("/"):
identifier += "/"
if cmd.params['identifier'].startswith("/"):
identifier = cmd.params['identifier']
identifier += cmd.params['identifier']
if cmd.command == "show":
values = self.config_data.get_value_maps(identifier)
for value_map in values:
line = value_map['name']
if value_map['type'] in [ 'module', 'map', 'list' ]:
line += "/"
line += ":\t" + str(value_map['value'])
line += "\t" + value_map['type']
line += "\t"
if value_map['default']:
line += "(default)"
if value_map['modified']:
line += "(modified)"
elif cmd.command == "add":
self.config_data.add(identifier, cmd.params['value'])
elif cmd.command == "remove":
self.config_data.remove(identifier, cmd.params['value'])
elif cmd.command == "set":
self.config_data.set(identifier, cmd.params['value'])
elif cmd.command == "unset":
elif cmd.command == "revert":
elif cmd.command == "commit":
elif cmd.command == "go":
except as dte:
print("Error: " + str(dte))
except as dnfe:
print("Error: " + identifier + " not found")
except KeyError as ke:
print("Error: missing " + str(ke))
raise ke
def go(self, identifier):
# just to see if it exists
# some sanitizing
identifier = identifier.replace("//", "/")
if not identifier.startswith("/"):
identifier = "/" + identifier
if identifier.endswith("/"):
identifier = identifier[:-1]
self.location = identifier
def apply_cmd(self, cmd):
if not
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ class BigToolCmd:
if param and'name') == "help":
self.params["help"] = "help"
while True:
if not param_text.strip():
......@@ -80,9 +80,15 @@ class BigToolCmd:
groups = PARAM_PATTERN.match(param_text) or \
if not groups:
raise CmdParamFormatError(self.module, self.command)
if not groups:
# ok, fill in the params in the order entered
params = re.findall("([^\" ]+|\".*\")", param_text)
i = 0
for p in params:
self.params[i] = p
i += 1
self.params['param_name')] ='param_value')
param_text ='next_params')
if not param_text or (not param_text.strip()):
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ class ParamInfo:
node = xmldoc.createElement(PARAM_NODE_NAME)
node.setAttribute('name', name)
node.setAttribute('value', value)
return node
return node
class CommandInfo:
"""One command which provide by one bind10 module, it has zero or
......@@ -81,7 +81,49 @@ class CommandInfo:
return [name for name in all_names
if not self.params[name].is_optional]
def get_param_name_by_position(self, pos, index, param_count):
# count mandatories back from the last
# from the last mandatory; see the number of mandatories before it
# and compare that to the number of positional arguments left to do
# if the number of lefts is higher than the number of mandatories,
# use the first optional. Otherwise, use the first unhandled mandatory
# (and update the location accordingly?)
# (can this be done in all cases? this is certainly not the most efficient method;
# one way to make the whole of this more consistent is to always set mandatories first, but
# that would make some commands less nice to use ("config set value location" instead of "config set location value")
if type(pos) == int:
if param_count == len(self.params) - 1:
i = 0
for k in self.params.keys():
if i == pos:
return k
i += 1
raise KeyError(str(pos) + " out of range")
elif param_count <= len(self.params):
mandatory_count = 0
for k in self.params.keys():
if not self.params[k].is_optional:
mandatory_count += 1
if param_count == mandatory_count:
# return the first mandatory from pos
i = 0
for k in self.params.keys():
if i >= pos and not self.params[k].is_optional:
return k
i += 1
raise KeyError(str(pos) + " out of range")
i = 0
for k in self.params.keys():
if i == pos:
return k
i += 1
raise KeyError(str(pos) + " out of range")
raise KeyError("Too many parameters")
raise KeyError(str(pos) + " is not an integer")
def need_instance_param(self):
return self.need_inst_param
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