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Add asterisk (*) to legend to identify backward incompatible or

operational change.

Add blank lins between each entry.

Reformat a long line.

(No review for this.)

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent b9164e92
6. [bug] jinmei
bin/bindctl: fixed a bug that it didn't accept IPv6 addresses as
command arguments. (Trac #219, svn r2022)
5. [bug] jinmei
bin/xfrin: fixed several small bugs with many additional unit
tests. Fixes include: IPv6 transport support, resource leak,
and non IN class support. (Trac #185, svn r2000)
4. [bug] each
bin/auth: output now prepended with "[b10-auth]" (Trac #109, svn r1985)
bin/auth: output now prepended with "[b10-auth]" (Trac
#109, svn r1985)
3. [func] each
bin/auth: removed custom query-processing code, changed
boost::asio code to use plain asio instead, and added asio
headers to the source tree. This allows building without
using an external boost library. (Trac #163, svn r1983)
2. [func] jinmei
lib/dns: added a separate signature for Name::split() as a
convenient wrapper for common usage. (Trac #49, svn r1903)
1. [bug] jinmei
lib/dns: parameter validation of Name::split() was not sufficient,
and invalid parameters could cause integer overflow and make the
......@@ -30,3 +36,4 @@ LEGEND
[security] security hole fix. This is no different than a general bug fix
except that it will be handled as confidential and will cause
security patch releases.
*: Backward incompatible or operational change.
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