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[2207] Better documentation for LoadAction

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......@@ -28,9 +28,14 @@ class ZoneData;
/// \brief Callback to load data into the memory
/// This callback should create new ZoneData (allocated from the passed
/// memory segment) and fill it with relevant loaded data. The caller
/// of the callback takes ownership of the ZoneData.
/// This is called from the ZoneWriter whenever there's need to load the
/// zone data. The callback should allocate new ZoneData and fill it with
/// the zone content. It is up to the callback to know where or how to
/// load the data, or even the origin and class of the zone (it is assumed
/// the callback will be some kind of functor).
/// All data should be allocated from the passed MemorySegment. The ownership
/// is passed onto the caller.
/// It must not return NULL.
typedef boost::function<ZoneData*(util::MemorySegment&)> LoadAction;
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