Commit 1b83c74d authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder
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[master] Fixed missing log placeholder in b10-dhcp4

Testing undercovered a missing log place holder in, which
surfaces when a release for a non-existance lease is received.
This has been corrected.
parent dbd014d0
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ intervention (e.g. check if DHCP process has sufficient privileges to
update the database). It may also be triggered if a lease was manually
removed from the database during RELEASE message processing.
% DHCP4_RELEASE_FAIL_NO_LEASE client (client-id %2) tried to release address %1, but there is no lease for such address.
% DHCP4_RELEASE_FAIL_NO_LEASE client (client-id %1, hwaddr %2) tried to release address, %3, but there is no such lease.
This warning message is printed when client attempts to release a lease,
but no such lease is known to the server.
......@@ -1276,10 +1276,12 @@ Dhcpv4Srv::processRelease(Pkt4Ptr& release) {
if (!lease) {
// No such lease - bogus release
.arg(client_id ? client_id->toText() : "(no client-id)");
.arg(client_id ? client_id->toText() : "(no client-id)")
.arg(release->getHWAddr() ?
release->getHWAddr()->toText() : "(no hwaddr info)")
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