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[master] update changelog

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335. [bug]* jelte
The DataSourceClientContainer class that dynamically loads
datasource backend libraries no longer provides just a .so file name
to its call to dlopen(), but passes it an absolute path. This means
that it is no longer an system implementation detail that depends on
[DY]LD_LIBRARY_PATH which file is chosen, should there be multiple
options (for instance, when test-running a new build while a
different version is installed).
These loadable libraries are also no longer installed in the default
library path, but in a subdirectory of the libexec directory of the
target ($prefix/libexec/[version]/backends).
This also removes the need to handle b10-xfin and b10-xfrout as
'special' hardcoded components, and they are now started as regular
components as dictated by the configuration of the boss process.
(Trac #1292, git 83ce13c2d85068a1bec015361e4ef8c35590a5d0)
334. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrout could potentially create an overflow response message
(exceeding the 64KB max) or could create unnecessarily small
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