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[master] Added Changelog entry for #3246.

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785. [bug] marcin
DHCPv6 server avoids collisions between prefixes that are allocated
as a result of receiving hints from the clients. Previously the
whole prefix (including bits beyond the prefix length) was used to
search existing leases in the lease database. If not found, the
new lease was crated for the prefix sent by the client. If another
client sent the same prefix but with different non-significant bits
the prefix was allocated. This led to prefix collisions. Currently,
server ignores bits beyond the prefix length when searching for
existing leases.
(Trac #3246, git 50de7df4195195e981ae9c8c6f1b4100047d5bb5)
784. [func] tmark
DHCP_DDNS's configuration was changed. The unused parameter, "interface"
was deleted. Three new parameters, "ncr_protocol", "ncr_format", and
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