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[master] Revert "[master] Added ChangeLog entry 1054 for Trac #4202"

This reverts commit d4acc516.
parent 173b64b0
1054. [func] [tmark]
Replaced underscores, "_", with hyphens "-", in the parameter
names used in the kea-ddns server's configuration as well as
those in the DDNS messages (NCRs) sent to the server. For
example, "ip_address" is now "ip-address", "change_type" is
now "change-type". This makes JSON element naming consistent
throughout Kea.
(Trac #4202 git 91bf527662060d4b1e294cd53e79b431edf0e910)
1053. [doc] tomek
Support for DHCPDECLINE (v4) and DECLINE (v6) messages is
now described in the Kea User's Guide.
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