Commit 22b29c57 authored by Kazunori Fujiwara's avatar Kazunori Fujiwara
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[3016] Added ChangeLog entry

parent ffbcf983
NNN. [func] fujiwara
src/lib/cc: CInteger size of C++ CC librargy is changed to int64_t.
b10-auth: The size of statistics counters is changed to uint64_t.
b10-auth sends lower 63 bit of counter values to b10-stats.
(Trac #3015, git e5b3471d579937f19e446f8a380464e0fc059567
and Trac #3016, git ffbcf9833ebd2f1952664cc0498608b988628d53)
630. [bug] muks
If there is a problem loading the backend module for a type of
data source, b10-auth would not serve any zones. This behaviour
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