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[2207] Document the local zone loader

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......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ public:
/// If it throws, you still need to call cleanup().
/// \throw isc::Unexpected if called without previous load() or for the
/// second time.
/// second time or cleanup() was called already.
virtual void install() = 0;
/// \brief Clean up resources.
......@@ -83,16 +83,63 @@ class ZoneSegment {};
// TODO: Somehow specify what the ID is
class ZoneSegmentID {};
/// \brief Callback to load data into the memory
/// This is called with a clean (empty) zone data. The goal of the
/// callback is to get the data for the zone from somewhere and put
/// them into the passed ZoneData parameter.
typedef boost::function<void(ZoneData*)> LoadAction;
/// \brief Install the zone somewhere.
/// The goal of the callback is to take the zone data (contained in the
/// ZoneSegment and identified by ZoneSegmentID) and put it somewhere
/// to use. The return value should contain the old copy of the zone, if
/// there was any (it may be NULL). The updater will then destroy it.
/// Upon successful completion, the ownership of the new zone is passed
/// to the callback and the old to the updater.
typedef boost::function<ZoneData* (ZoneSegmentID, ZoneSegment*)> InstallAction;
/// \brief Updater implementation which loads data locally.
/// This implementation prepares a clean zone data and lets one callback
/// to fill it and another to install it somewhere. The class does mostly
/// nothing (and delegates the work to the callbacks), just stores little bit
/// of state between the calls.
class ZoneUpdaterLocal : public ZoneUpdater {
/// \brief Constructor
/// \param segment The zone table segment to store the zone into.
/// \param load_action The callback used to load data.
/// \param install_action The callback used to install the loaded zone.
ZoneUpdaterLocal(ZoneTableSegment* segment, const LoadAction& load_action,
const InstallAction& install_action);
~ ZoneUpdaterLocal();
/// \brief Destructor
/// \brief Loads the data.
/// This prepares an empty ZoneData and calls load_action (passed to
/// constructor) to fill it with data.
/// \throw std::bad_alloc If there's a problem allocating the ZoneData.
/// \throw isc::Unexpected if it is called the second time in lifetime
/// of the object.
/// \throw Whatever the load_action throws, it is propagated up.
virtual void load();
/// \brief Installs the zone.
/// This simply calls the install_action.
/// \throw isc::Unexpected if it is called the second time in lifetime
/// of the object or if load() was not called previously or if
/// cleanup() was already called.
/// \throw Whatever the install_action throws, it is propagated up.
virtual void install();
/// \brief Clean up memory.
/// Cleans up the memory used by load()ed zone if not yet installed, or
/// the old zone replaced by install().
virtual void cleanup();
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