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[5016] Updated documentation according to the review.

- Extended description of the S46 Rule Option
- Added Lightweight 4over6 to the softwire examples
- Updated Supported DHCPv6 standards with RFC6334
- Updated DHCPv6 spec file
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# This is an example configuration file for DHCPv6 server in Kea.
# It demonstrates how user can specify values for Softwire options
# defined in RFC 7598.
# defined in RFC 7598 for Lightweight 4over6 architecture.
{ "Dhcp6":
......@@ -10,9 +10,7 @@
"interfaces": [ "ethX" ]
# We need to specify lease type. As of May 2014, three backends are supported:
# memfile, mysql and pgsql. We'll just use memfile, because it doesn't require
# any prior set up.
# We need to specify lease type.
"lease-database": {
"type": "memfile"
......@@ -57,7 +55,10 @@
"name": "s46-br",
"data": "2001:db8:cafe::1"
# This option will be included in the S46 Rule option.
# This option will be included in the S46 Rule option. It includes
# PSID/PSID length value in a user friendly form. The PSID length
# specifies the number of bits on which PSID is coded. The PSID
# value 3 is a 4th value that is coded on these 4 bits: "0011b".
"space": "s46-rule-options",
"name": "s46-portparams",
......@@ -1246,12 +1246,50 @@ temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
"space": "s46-cont-mape-options",
"name": "s46-rule",
"data": "1, 0, 24,, 2001:db8:1::/64"
"data": "128, 0, 24,, 2001:db8:1::/64"
Other possible "space" value is "s46-cont-mapt-options".
The S46 Rule option conveys a number of parameters:
<simpara><command>flags</command>, an unsigned 8 bits integer, with
currently only the most significant bit specified. It denotes whether
the rule can be used for forwarding (128) or not (0).
<simpara><command>ea-len</command>, an 8 bits long Embedded Address length. Allowed values
range from 0 to 48.</simpara>
<simpara><command>IPv4 prefix length</command>, 8 bits long; expresses the prefix length of the
Rule IPv4 prefix specified in the ipv4-prefix field. Allowed
values range from 0 to 32.</simpara>
<simpara><command>IPv4 prefix</command>, a fixed-length 32-bit field that specifies the IPv4
prefix for the S46 rule. The bits in the prefix after prefix4-len
number of bits are reserved and MUST be initialized to zero by the
sender and ignored by the receiver.</simpara>
<simpara><command>IPv6 prefix</command> in prefix/length notation that specifies the IPv6 domain
prefix for the S46 rule. The field is padded on the right with zero
bits up to the nearest octet boundary when prefix6-len is not evenly
divisible by 8.</simpara>
<title>S46 BR Option</title>
......@@ -2560,7 +2598,7 @@ should include options from the isc option space:
"prefix": "2001:db8:1:8000::",
"prefix-len": 48,
"delegated-len": 64,
"delegated-len": 64
<userinput>"reservations": [
......@@ -4076,6 +4114,12 @@ If not specified, the default value is:
<ulink url="">RFC 4704</ulink>:
Supported option is CLIENT_FQDN.</simpara>
<simpara><emphasis>Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6)
Option for Dual-Stack Lite</emphasis>,
<ulink url="">RFC 6334</ulink>:
the AFTR-Name DHCPv6 Option is supported.</simpara>
<simpara><emphasis>Relay-Supplied DHCP Options</emphasis>,
<ulink url="">RFC 6422</ulink>:
......@@ -564,13 +564,15 @@
"item_name": "excluded-prefix",
"item_type": "string",
"item_optional": true,
"item_default": ""
"item_default": "",
"item_description": "excluded prefix as per RFC6603"
"item_name": "excluded-prefix-len",
"item_type": "integer",
"item_optional": true,
"item_default": 128
"item_default": 128,
"item_description": "excluded prefix length"
"item_name": "option-data",
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