Commit 2a77f5bb authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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[3400] Uncommented previously commented checks.

parent 5916bcf3
......@@ -90,11 +90,11 @@ TEST_F(DataFileTest, readFileComments) {
// Check that the read will fail (without comment elimination)
// EXPECT_THROW(Element::fromJSONFile(TEMP_FILE), JSONError);
// Check that the read content is correct (with comment elimination)
EXPECT_NO_THROW(Element::fromJSONFile(TEMP_FILE, true));
//EXPECT_TRUE(exp->equals(*Element::fromJSONFile(TEMP_FILE, true)));
EXPECT_TRUE(exp->equals(*Element::fromJSONFile(TEMP_FILE, true)));
// This test checks that missing file will generate an exception.
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