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[master] ChangeLog updated.

parent 1930797c
1058. [func] tomek
Two new hook points lease4_recover and lease6_recover have been
implemented. They are called when a declined IPv4 or IPv6 lease
concludes its probation period and is being recovered into
unsable state.
(Trac #3988, 3989, git 1930797c48fee7f4006a33cecd6f08b05ae76725)
1057. [func] marcin
It is now possible to specify type and value of a DUID used
as DHCPv6 server identifier.
(trac #3874, git faf52b069cf774d0050d76b4f47b542b2b5105f2)
1056. [doc] [sar]
1056. [doc] sar
Added description of the expression based classification
system to the Kea Admin Guide.
(Trac #4101, git 3ec88e0669470ab406c45d50d0f853f9aeb3bf04)
1055. [func] [fdupont]
1055. [func] fdupont
Classify match expressions are evaluated on incoming packets and
requested options are appended when configured by the subnet, a
class or globally.
(Trac #4097, git 752ad11ff4ebe97ec27d098aff706d1999900346)
1054. [func] [tmark]
1054. [func] tmark
Replaced underscores, "_", with hyphens "-", in the parameter
names used in the kea-ddns server's configuration as well as
those in the DDNS messages (NCRs) sent to the server. For
......@@ -33,12 +40,12 @@
hexadecimal format of the options.
(Trac #4093, git 4cdf0fff1067b3dde6570dc6831e8b1343bc50fe)
1051. [func] [tmark]
1051. [func] tmark
kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6 configuration parsing now supports
the "client-classes" element for defining client classes.
(Trac #4096, git d21fd6925983eb20f82029e3866652398ea5e5fe)
1050. [doc] [tmark]
1050. [doc] tmark
Corrected the descriptions of ncr-protocol and ncr-format parameters
in the Kea Admin Guide.
(Trac #4117, git 034c1c95b57768d5abbc7fb40cc57d7cadad21dd)
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