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[master] ChangeLog updated after 3918 merge.

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969. [func] tomek
KEA_SOCKET_TEST_DIR environment variable can be used to specify
the directory for opening Unix sockets during tests. That may
be used to avoid path length limitations when running unit-tests
in deeply nested directories.
(Trac #3918, git 9cfd502e8d4605eaf34f8744f90272dc3e8a3e34)
968. [func] fdupont
Changed all occurrences of unlink() to the more portable remove()
to avoid problems on operating systems where the former is not
......@@ -14,7 +21,7 @@
(Trac #3882, git b0e166c4d8b0383ebd6e2f51d55eed68a2bcafa8)
965. [func] sar
Per IPv6 subnet statistics (subnet[id].assigned-nas,
Per IPv6 subnet statistics (subnet[id].assigned-nas,
subnet[id].total-nas, subnet[id].assigned-pds, and
subnet[id].total-pds) has been implemented.
(Trac #3799, git 4aa4808268bbc54290578f60ba60ed33cf344712)
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