Commit 2ecb4add authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] add a late changelog entry for trac #926

parent 540c6a5f
281. [func] jelte
Added a new type for configuration data: "named set". This allows for
similar configuration as the current "list" type, but with strings
instead of indices as identifiers. The intended use is for instance
/foo/zones/ instead of /foo/zones[2]/bar. Currently this
new type is not in use yet.
(Trac #926, git 06aeefc4787c82db7f5443651f099c5af47bd4d6)
280. [func] jerry
libdns++: Implement the MINFO rrtype according to RFC1035.
(Trac #1113, git 7a9a19d6431df02d48a7bc9de44f08d9450d3a37)
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