Commit 2fa6a93d authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add change log entry for changing package name

I originally didn't add a changelog entry for it as I originally
thought was too trivial (change package name in single place in

Discussed via jabber.
parent c661badf
bind10-1.0.0-beta released on December 20, 2012
533. [build]* jreed
Changed the package name in from bind10-devel
to bind10. This means the default sub-directories for
etc, include, libexec, share, share/doc, and var are changed.
If upgrading from a previous version, you may need to move
and update your configurations or change references for the
old locations.
(git bf53fbd4e92ae835280d49fbfdeeebd33e0ce3f2)
532. [func] marcin
Implemented configuration of DHCPv4 option values using
the configuration manager. In order to set values for the
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