Commit 2fdd3551 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2521] style cleanups: folded a long line; constify variables

parent c9095ff3
......@@ -54,8 +54,8 @@ const size_t RRSIG_MINIMUM_LEN = 2 * sizeof(uint8_t) + 2 * sizeof(uint16_t) +
struct RRSIGImpl {
// straightforward representation of RRSIG RDATA fields
RRSIGImpl(const RRType& covered, uint8_t algorithm, uint8_t labels,
uint32_t originalttl, uint32_t timeexpire, uint32_t timeinception,
uint16_t tag, const Name& signer,
uint32_t originalttl, uint32_t timeexpire,
uint32_t timeinception, uint16_t tag, const Name& signer,
const vector<uint8_t>& signature) :
covered_(covered), algorithm_(algorithm), labels_(labels),
originalttl_(originalttl), timeexpire_(timeexpire),
......@@ -75,21 +75,25 @@ struct RRSIGImpl {
// helper function for string and lexer constructors
void RRSIG::createFromLexer(MasterLexer& lexer, const Name* origin)
string covered_txt, expire_txt, inception_txt, signature_txt;
unsigned int algorithm, labels, tag;
uint32_t originalttl;
covered_txt = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::STRING).getString();
algorithm = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::NUMBER).getNumber();
labels = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::NUMBER).getNumber();
originalttl = RRTTL(lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::STRING).getString()).getValue();
expire_txt = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::STRING).getString();
inception_txt = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::STRING).getString();
tag = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::NUMBER).getNumber();
Name signer = createNameFromLexer(lexer, origin);
signature_txt = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::STRING).getString();
RRSIG::createFromLexer(MasterLexer& lexer, const Name* origin) {
const string covered_txt =
const uint32_t algorithm = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::NUMBER).
const uint32_t labels = lexer.getNextToken(MasterToken::NUMBER).
const uint32_t originalttl =
const string expire_txt =
const string inception_txt =
const uint32_t tag =
const Name signer = createNameFromLexer(lexer, origin);
const string signature_txt =
if (algorithm > 0xff) {
isc_throw(InvalidRdataText, "RRSIG algorithm out of range");
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