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[master] fix some misspelling typos

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......@@ -274,15 +274,15 @@ bind10-1.1.0beta1 released on April 4, 2013
587. [bug] jelte
When used from python, the dynamic datasource factory now
explicitely loads the logging messages dictionary, so that correct
explicitly loads the logging messages dictionary, so that correct
logging messages does not depend on incidental earlier import
statements. Also, the sqlite3-specific log messages have been moved
from the general datasource library to the sqlite3 datasource
(which also explicitely loads its messages).
(which also explicitly loads its messages).
(Trac #2746, git 1c004d95a8b715500af448683e4a07e9b66ea926)
586. [func] marcin
libdhcp++: Removed unnecesary calls to the function which
libdhcp++: Removed unnecessary calls to the function which
validates option definitions used to create instances of options
being decoded in the received packets. Eliminating these calls
lowered the CPU utilization by the server by approximately 10%.
......@@ -702,7 +702,7 @@ bind10-1.0.0-beta released on December 20, 2012
531. [func] tomek
b10-dhcp6: Added support for expired leases. Leases for IPv6
addresses that are past their valid lifetime may be recycled, i.e.
rellocated to other clients if needed.
relocated to other clients if needed.
(Trac #2327, git 62a23854f619349d319d02c3a385d9bc55442d5e)
530. [func]* team
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