Commit 30c27756 authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[1177] Remove FIXME comments

As the concerns there seem to be false ones.
parent ec279391
......@@ -63,6 +63,11 @@ The maximum allowed number of items of the hotspot cache is set to the given
number. If there are too many, some of them will be dropped. The size of 0
means no limit.
% DATASRC_DATABASE_COVER_NSEC_UNSUPPORTED %1 doesn't support DNSSEC when asked for NSEC data covering %2
The datasource tried to provide an NSEC proof that the named domain does not
exist, but the database backend doesn't support DNSSEC. No proof is included
in the answer as a result.
% DATASRC_DATABASE_FIND_RECORDS looking in datasource %1 for record %2/%3
Debug information. The database data source is looking up records with the given
name and type in the database.
......@@ -1674,15 +1674,12 @@ TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, NXDOMAIN_NSEC) {
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, emptyNonterminalNSEC) {
// Same as NXDOMAIN_NSEC, but with empty non-terminal
// FIXME: Is the nonexistence of this node really the correct proof
// we need?
shared_ptr<DatabaseClient::Finder> finder(this->getFinder());
this->expected_rdatas_.push_back(" NSEC");
doFindTest(*finder, isc::dns::Name(""),
isc::dns::RRType::TXT(), isc::dns::RRType::NSEC(), this->rrttl_,
ZoneFinder::NXRRSET, // FIXME: Do we want to have specific code?
this->expected_rdatas_, this->expected_sig_rdatas_,
Name(""), ZoneFinder::FIND_DNSSEC);
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