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[3589] Added a paragraph about CfgOption class into developer's guide.

This was also suggested in the review.
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......@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@
* - @subpage libdhcpsrv
* - @subpage leasemgr
* - @subpage cfgmgr
* - @subpage optionsConfig
* - @subpage allocengine
* - @subpage libdhcp_ddns
* - @subpage dhcpDatabaseBackends
......@@ -81,6 +81,37 @@ one that occurred before it etc.
the \ref isc::dhcp::SrvConfig object. Kea developers are actively working
on migrating the other configuration parameters to it.
@section optionsConfig Options Configuration Information
The \ref isc::dhcp::CfgOption object holds a collection of options being
sent to the client. Since, each subnet comes with a distnict set of
options, every \ref isc::dhcp::Subnet object holds its own copy of the
\ref isc::dhcp::CfgOption object with specific options.
The DHCP server also allows for configuration of "global" options
which are shared by all subnets. The rule here is that if a particular
option appears in the global options set and the subnet specific options
set, the subnet specific option takes precedence. The global options
configuration is held in the dedicated instance of the
\ref isc::dhcp::CfgOption class. This instance is owned by the
\ref isc::dhcp::SrvConfig class.
When the new configuration is parsed, the global options are merged into
the \ref isc::dhcp::CfgOption instances for all subnets. This is
causing some overhead during the reconfiguration of the server but on
the other hand it avoids the lookup of options in two places (among
subnet specific options and global options) during each packet
processing. Note that the merge of global options to the subnet
specific options doesn't affect the set of global options but only
adds copies of global options to the subnet specific options.
One of the benefits of keeping a separate set of global options is
that there may be cases when the server administrator doesn't specify
any subnet configuration and only wants global options to be used.
This is the case, when the DHCP server is used for stateless
configuration, i.e. client's are not allocated an address or prefix,
and only stateless configruation is handed out.
@section allocengine Allocation Engine
Allocation Engine (\ref isc::dhcp::AllocEngine) is what its name say - an engine
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