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[master] add a changelog entry for #1165

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289. [func]* jinmei
b10-xfrout: ACLs for xfrout can now be configured per zone basis.
A per zone ACl is part of a more general zone configuration. A
quick example for configuring an ACL for zone "" that
rejects any transfer request for that zone is as follows:
> config add Xfrout/zone_config
> config set Xfrout/zone_config[0]/origin ""
> config add Xfrout/zone_config[0]/transfer_acl
> config set Xfrout/zone_config[0]/transfer_acl[0] {"action": "REJECT"}
The previous global ACL (query_acl) was renamed to transfer_acl,
which now works as the default ACL. Note: backward compatibility
is not provided, so an existing configuration using query_acl
needs to be updated by hand.
Note: the per zone configuration framework is a temporary
workaround. It will eventually be redesigned as a system wide
(Trac #1165, git 698176eccd5d55759fe9448b2c249717c932ac31)
288. [bug] stephen
Fixed problem whereby the order in which component files appeared in was system dependent, leading to problems on some
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