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<section id="dhcp6-unicast">
<title>Unicast traffic support</title>
When DHCPv6 server starts up, by default it listens to the DHCP traffic
sent to multicast address ff02::1:2 on each interface that it is
configured to listen on (see <xref linkend="dhcp6-interface-selection"/>).
In some cases it is useful to configure a server to handle incoming
traffic sent to the global unicast addresses as well. The most common
reason for that is to have relays send their traffic to the server
directly. To configure server to listen on specific unicast address, a
notation to specify interfaces has been extended. Interface name can be
optionally followed by a slash, followed by global unicast address that
server should listen on. That will be done in addition to normal
link-local binding + listening on ff02::1:2 address. The sample commands
listed below show how to listen on 2001:db8::1 (a global address)
configured on the eth1 interface.
&gt; <userinput>config set Dhcp6/interfaces[0] eth1/2001:db8::1</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config commit</userinput></screen>
When configuration gets committed, the server will start to listen on
eth1 on link-local address, mutlicast group (ff02::1:2) and 2001:db8::1.
It is possible to mix interface names, wildcards and interface name/addresses
on the Dhcp6/interface list. It is not possible to specify more than one
unicast address on a given interface.
<title>Subnet and Address Pool</title>
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