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......@@ -98,6 +98,16 @@ This debug message is issued when the separate thread for maintaining data
source clients successfully loaded the named zone of the named class as a
result of the 'loadzone' command.
% AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_LOAD_ZONE_NOCACHE skipped loading zone %1/%2 due to no in-memory cache
This debug message is issued when the separate thread for maintaining data
source clients received a command to reload a zone but skipped it because
the specified zone is not loaded in-memory (but served from an underlying
data source). This could happen if the loadzone command is manually issued
by a user but the zone name is misspelled, but a more likely cause is
that the command is sent from another BIND 10 module (such as xfrin or DDNS).
In the latter case it can be simply ignored because there is no need
for explicit reloading.
The thread for maintaining data source clients has received a command to
reconfigure, but the parameter data (the new configuration) contains an
......@@ -651,9 +651,10 @@ AuthSrvImpl::processNormalQuery(const IOMessage& io_message, Message& message,
// Get access to data source client list through the holder and keep the
// holder until the processing and rendering is done to avoid inter-thread
// race.
// Get access to data source client list through the holder and keep
// the holder until the processing and rendering is done to avoid
// race with any other thread(s) such as the background loader.
auth::DataSrcClientsMgr::Holder datasrc_holder(datasrc_clients_mgr_);
try {
......@@ -688,6 +689,9 @@ AuthSrvImpl::processNormalQuery(const IOMessage& io_message, Message& message,
return (true);
// The message can contain some data from the locked resource. But outside
// this method, we touch only the RCode of it, so it should be safe.
// Lock on datasrc_clients_mgr_ acquired by datasrc_holder is
// released here upon its deletion.
......@@ -581,6 +581,9 @@ DataSrcClientsBuilderBase<MutexType, CondVarType>::doLoadZone(
try {
boost::shared_ptr<datasrc::memory::ZoneWriter> zwriter =
getZoneWriter(*client_list, rrclass, origin);
if (!zwriter) {
zwriter->load(); // this can take time but doesn't cause a race
{ // install() can cause a race and must be in a critical section
......@@ -614,8 +617,14 @@ DataSrcClientsBuilderBase<MutexType, CondVarType>::getZoneWriter(
datasrc::ConfigurableClientList& client_list,
const dns::RRClass& rrclass, const dns::Name& origin)
const datasrc::ConfigurableClientList::ZoneWriterPair writerpair =
// getCachedZoneWriter() could get access to an underlying data source
// that can cause a race condition with the main thread using that data
// source for lookup. So we need to protect the access here.
datasrc::ConfigurableClientList::ZoneWriterPair writerpair;
typename MutexType::Locker locker(*map_mutex_);
writerpair = client_list.getCachedZoneWriter(origin);
switch (writerpair.first) {
case datasrc::ConfigurableClientList::ZONE_SUCCESS:
......@@ -626,8 +635,10 @@ DataSrcClientsBuilderBase<MutexType, CondVarType>::getZoneWriter(
<< "/" << rrclass << ": not found in any configured "
"data source.");
case datasrc::ConfigurableClientList::ZONE_NOT_CACHED:
isc_throw(InternalCommandError, "failed to load zone " << origin
<< "/" << rrclass << ": not served from memory");
LOG_DEBUG(auth_logger, DBG_AUTH_OPS,
break; // return NULL below
case datasrc::ConfigurableClientList::CACHE_DISABLED:
// This is an internal error. Auth server must have the cache
// enabled.
......@@ -636,8 +647,6 @@ DataSrcClientsBuilderBase<MutexType, CondVarType>::getZoneWriter(
"is somehow disabled");
// all cases above should either return or throw, but some compilers
// still need a return statement
return (boost::shared_ptr<datasrc::memory::ZoneWriter>());
} // namespace datasrc_clientmgr_internal
......@@ -308,8 +308,12 @@ TEST_F(DataSrcClientsBuilderTest, loadZone) {
"{\"class\": \"IN\","
" \"origin\": \"test1.example\"}"));
EXPECT_EQ(1, map_mutex.lock_count); // we should have acquired the lock
EXPECT_EQ(1, map_mutex.unlock_count); // and released it.
// loadZone involves two critical sections: one for getting the zone
// writer, and one for actually updating the zone data. So the lock/unlock
// count should be incremented by 2.
EXPECT_EQ(2, map_mutex.lock_count);
EXPECT_EQ(2, map_mutex.unlock_count);
newZoneChecks(clients_map, rrclass);
......@@ -381,7 +385,10 @@ TEST_F(DataSrcClientsBuilderTest,
find(Name(""), RRType::SOA())->code);
// attempt of reloading a zone but in-memory cache is disabled.
// attempt of reloading a zone but in-memory cache is disabled. In this
// case the command is simply ignored.
const size_t orig_lock_count = map_mutex.lock_count;
const size_t orig_unlock_count = map_mutex.unlock_count;
const ConstElementPtr config2(Element::fromJSON("{"
"\"IN\": [{"
" \"type\": \"sqlite3\","
......@@ -390,11 +397,13 @@ TEST_F(DataSrcClientsBuilderTest,
" \"cache-zones\": [\"\"]"
clients_map = configureDataSource(config2);
Command(LOADZONE, Element::fromJSON(
"{\"class\": \"IN\","
" \"origin\": \"\"}"))),
" \"origin\": \"\"}")));
// Only one mutex was needed because there was no actual reload.
EXPECT_EQ(orig_lock_count + 1, map_mutex.lock_count);
EXPECT_EQ(orig_unlock_count + 1, map_mutex.unlock_count);
// basically impossible case: in-memory cache is completely disabled.
// In this implementation of manager-builder, this should never happen,
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