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[master] changelog for #2911

parent 8118f8e4
622. [func]* jinmei
b10-xfrin now has tighter control on the choice of IXFR or AXFR
through zones/request_ixfr configuration item. It includes
the new "IXFR only" behavior for some special cases. b10-xfrin
now also uses AXFR whenever necessary, so it is now safe to try
IXFR by default and it's made the default. The previous
use_ixfr configuration item was deprecated and triggers startup
failure if specified; configuration using use_ixfr should be
(Trac #2911, git 8118f8e4e9c0ad3e7b690bbce265a163e4f8767a)
621. [func] team
libdns++: All Rdata classes now use the generic lexer in
constructors from text. This means that the name fields in such
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