Commit 3811dac0 authored by Stephen Morris's avatar Stephen Morris
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[trac641] Fix unit test

This branch removed the shared pointer that the NSAS used to link
to the resolver.  As a result we now have to make sure that the
resolver stays in existence while the NSAS is active.  This commit
fixes that problem in a unit test.
parent 0c730e63
......@@ -84,9 +84,12 @@ const char* WWW_EXAMPLE_ORG = ""; ///< Address of
const bool DEBUG_PRINT = false;
class MockResolver : public isc::resolve::ResolverInterface {
void resolve(const QuestionPtr& question,
virtual void resolve(const QuestionPtr& question,
const ResolverInterface::CallbackPtr& callback) {
virtual ~MockResolver() {}
......@@ -116,8 +119,9 @@ public:
QueryStatus last_; ///< What was the last state
QueryStatus expected_; ///< Expected next state
OutputBufferPtr question_buffer_; ///< Question we expect to receive
isc::nsas::NameserverAddressStore* nsas_;
isc::cache::ResolverCache cache_;
boost::shared_ptr<MockResolver> resolver_; ///< Mock resolver
isc::nsas::NameserverAddressStore* nsas_; ///< Nameserver address store
isc::cache::ResolverCache cache_; ///< Resolver cache
// Data for TCP Server
size_t tcp_cumulative_; ///< Cumulative TCP data received
......@@ -143,6 +147,8 @@ public:
question_buffer_(new OutputBuffer(BUFFER_SIZE)),
resolver_(new MockResolver()),
nsas_(new isc::nsas::NameserverAddressStore(resolver_)),
tcp_endpoint_(asio::ip::address::from_string(TEST_ADDRESS), TEST_PORT),
......@@ -155,8 +161,6 @@ public:
udp_send_buffer_(new OutputBuffer(BUFFER_SIZE)),
udp_socket_(service_.get_io_service(), udp::v4())
boost::shared_ptr<MockResolver>mock_resolver(new MockResolver());
nsas_ = new isc::nsas::NameserverAddressStore(mock_resolver);
/// \brief Set Common Message Bits
......@@ -632,8 +636,7 @@ TEST_F(RecursiveQueryTest2, Resolve) {
upstream, upstream_root);
query.setTestServer(TEST_ADDRESS, TEST_PORT);
// Set up callback for the tor eceive notification that the query has
// completed.
// Set up callback to receive notification that the query has completed.
resolver_callback(new ResolverCallback(service_));
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