Commit 38754387 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add entry for trac #2023

(Trac #2023, git b5fbf8a4)
from jinmei
parent 85c0d7fd
bind10-devel-20120621 released on June 21. 2012
449. [bug] muks
b10-xfin: fixed a bug where xfrin sent the wrong notification
message to zonemgr on successful zone transfer. This also
solve other reported problems such as too frequent attempt
of zone refreshing (see Trac #1786 and #1834).
(Trac #2023, git b5fbf8a408a047a2552e89ef435a609f5df58d8c)
448. [func] team
b10-ddns is now functional and handles dynamic update requests
per RFC 2136. See BIND 10 guide for configuration and operation
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