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216. [func] vorner
The BIND10_XFROUT_SOCKET_FILE environment variable can be used to specify
which socket should be used for communication between b10-auth and
b10-xfrout. Mostly for testing reasons.
(Trac #615, git 28b01ad5bf72472c824a7b8fc4a8dc394e22e462)
215. [func] vorner
A new process, b10-sockcreator, is added, which will create sockets for
the rest of the system. It is the only part which will need to keep the
......@@ -29,7 +35,7 @@
211. [func] shane
Implement "--brittle" option, which causes the server to exit
if any of BIND 10's processes dies.
if any of BIND 10's processes dies.
(Trac #788, git 88c0d241fe05e5ea91b10f046f307177cc2f5bc5)
210. [bug] jerry
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